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Attacking the Total CIM Solution Market (

Aiming high to be the topmost "Digital Interaction Creator", Nexus Community provides Enterprise Contact Centers a CIM (Customer Interaction Management) solution to help improve productivity and optimize customer satisfaction. The company was founded in 1991 under the name of Nexus, deriving from the Latin "Nectere", which means connections between group members. As the name indicates, Nexus Community stands for a community to research the infrastructure for information and knowledge exchange between individuals and groups as well as key communication application technologies.

With more than 55 percent of employees engaged in technology development and CIM, the company launched its business by securing local leading system integrators as partners. To attract functional consortiums among partners, it continuously promotes inhouse training programs and offers system engineers technical support.

Its business goal is based on strengthened technology, a sales/marketing focus and effective management systems. Their customer-oriented technology aims to quickly satisfy diverse customer requirements. To do this, the company offers integrated services by connecting CIM to Workforce Management, CRM, Office Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and other systems. Constant and efficient customer support through quality control, product management and Site Manager systems goes hand in hand with consultant training through in-house programs. Nexus aims to satisfy clients in all business sectors.

At the same time, the company keeps customer portfolios to maximize business profits. Sales and marketing systems are specialized for this goal, and partner communications are expanded for stable earnings. Strategic partnerships are continuously sought to diversify abroad and localize in key overseas markets. To further this strategy, the company sets up different channels by region, business and technology in hopes of leading the market through value-added networks.

For more efficient management systems, the company performs continuous system innovations and offers in-house evaluation and compensation systems to attract competent manpower. Meanwhile, the company seeks to lower costs by outsourcing low value-added sectors and non-core business areas. This is successfully done using in-house knowledge/information management systems.

Aim for 8,000 Call Centers

Nexus Community aims to be the best CIM specialist in the Korean local market by developing and providing Call Center CIMs, Office CIMs and Small-and-Medium-sized Enterprise CIMs. The company drew industry attention in 1998 by developing CTI engines based on the international standard CSTA Protocol for the first time in Korea.

Boasting of competitive technology in CTI middleware, since 2000 the company has been providing a multi-contact CIM solution named CTMP Suite V3.0, which integrates various contact media functions such as the Internet to established CTI middleware. The year 2002 marked a turning point for the company in setting CIM solution technology trends by interfacing popular CRM solutions and strengthening contact center e-mail solutions, outbound solutions and WFM (Work Force Management) solutions.

The large number of IP-based call center openings in 2003 was a boon to the company. It provided its flagship product, CTMP Suite, to all industrial sectors operating call centers: from telcos such as LG Telecom and financial corporations such as Woori Card, SK Life and Kyobo Auto Insurance to public organizations such as the National Taxation Office, National Pension Corporation and commercial corporations such as Lotto. Providing some 6,000 call centers to the Korean local market - about 50 percent of total market - the company showed remarkable growth.

This helped open overseas markets in Japan, Taiwan and China. Participation in international IT trade shows such as Japan Call Center CRM, CTM EXPO 2003 and Beijing CCM 2003 promotes exports. Management has set a business goal to secure some 2,000 call centers overseas, based on continuous business growth and increased brand recognition.

Plans to lead the global market saw the opening of an overseas sales corporation headquartered in China. The company is now seeking overseas partners for further localization in other markets. Its strong business image as a multi-functional contact center solution provider will focus on the connectivity between IP and CRM. Future customers of Nexus Community will be in line for yet undeveloped competitive open-interface solutions.

by Hwang Young-jin, Reporter /

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