EFOTEK 'ArchStor' and 'iCconStor'
EFOTEK 'ArchStor' and 'iCconStor'
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'SrchStor' and 'iCconStor' Unveiled at 'SEK 2004'

EFOTEK, an integrated data management solution provider, unveiled ArchStor, a product that supports UNIX and NT. EFOTEK at the SEK 2004 exhibition, introduced the NT-based ArchVolt in 2002 and established itself as a data back-up and storage system provider in 2000. It has secured more than 100 companies as clients.

By providing diverse functions such as long-term data management through inexpensive SATA storage and tapes, it helps users to cut TCO(Total Cost of Ownership), effectively manages date under storage IT environments, and saves storage maintenance cost and time. Along with this, ArchStor enables management of more than 106 files through index-based data management, while making it easier to effectively manage data with more than peta byte with large capacity library and SATA disks.

At SEK 2004, EFOTEK also unveiled iConStor, a iSCSI SATA disk. The product is an IP-SAN based storage system providing a large volume RAID service through SATA disc drive and iSCSI protocol. IConStor boasts excellent cost/performance by utilizing ISCSI SATA formula and can extend under MAN/WAN environment without additional equipment.

iConStor, which is connected to the Internet, can be easily connected to existing networks without additional equipment and its storage can co-exist with desk top PCs at networks.

Using high-speed SATA disks (150MB/S), the product is more economical than conventional FC and SCSI. As it can use IT infar, it can cut initial investment expenses.

Also, its supports for Ethernet-based high-speed block I/O and diverse TOE and iSCSI HBA contributes to reduce burdens on CPUs.

While supporting iSCSI Draft 20, iConStor can also work in conjunction with FC equipment connected to FC-SAN.


'Going All-out to Solidify Foothold in Archiving Market'

Cho Jung-hyun /

President & CEO of Efotek

"With the present archiving solution, 'ArchVault' and brand-new 'Archstor' and iSCSI-based SATA disc 'iConStor', our company intends to get a firm foothold in the domestic total data management solution market this year and targets 1.5 billion won in sales from the new products," said Cho Jung Hyun, president & CEO of Efotek.

President Cho explained that Efotek plans to secure clients of the new archiving solution in the during the third quarter, thus expanding market share. To this end, it will prepare a detailed channel policy and pursue contacts with varied marketing networks, explore markets by industry and seek strategic alliances with other storage companies, he added.

The company recently unveiled a new archiving solution, 'ArchStor', and a disc, 'iConStor', and will focus its sales power on these products. At the Special Storage Booth at SEK 2004, Efotek showed its strategic iSCSI serial ATA disc 'iConstor' and expressed its determination to consolidate its foothold as a storage solution provider.

"Major end-user groups of IT products have changed to broadcasting stations from former companies in these days, and domestic products will match their demand better than imported ones", president Cho said. On this judgment, Efotek developed archiving solutions and discs tailored for the domestic broadcasting situation through a year of research, he explained.

"Sales were stagnant during the first half due to the economic slowdown. But business will be active in the second half powered by ArchStor and iConstor", he added.

Lee Kwang-Jae, Reporter / voxpop@ittimes.co.kr

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