Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target by Field to Be Confirmed
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target by Field to Be Confirmed
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The government announced it will finally confirm a greenhouse gas reduction target by field and industry, which subdivided the national greenhouse gas reduction target (30% of the 2020 BAU levels) into field such as industry ∙ conversion, building ∙ traffic and agro-livestock and detailed business type in each field during this July.

In April, 2011, the Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Research Center of Korea, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and related experts organized a TF team.

Based on the latest scientific technique and greenhouse gas reduction technology DB, the team set GHG reduction target by field and business type after closely analyzing capability to reduce GHG by field and possible technology as well as several discussion. Collecting opinions from industries, NGOs and the public through a public hearing, the government plans to confirm the final version of the target during this July.

Main contents of the reduction target contain the followings:
The national greenhouse gas reduction target - 30% compared to 2020 BAU levels, 813million CO2ton -- is divided into 25 business types of 7 fields.

Industry : 18.2
Conversion : 26.7
Transport : 34.3
Building : 26.9
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery : 5.2
Waste : 12.3
Other public sector : 25
Whole country : 30

l Among the target of industry, 18.2 %, industrial energy amounts to 7.1% and the rest is reduction from process emission and refrigerant process.

For the GHG reduction in the field of industry and conversion, cogeneration, alternative fuels (heavy oil ∙ coal → LNG), Smart grid will be spread and the application of energy conservation technology including high efficiency motor will be expanded.

For the field of building and transport, building energy management system, LED lighting, green car, automobile fuel-efficiency improvement, expansion of high-speed railroad and broad-scope transport system will be promoted.

In the field of Agriculture, forestry and fishery, geothermal heat pump will be distributed and livestock excretions handling technology will be improved.

In addition, GHG reduction route by 2020 was suggested. If the reduction target is achieved without fail by each field and business type, GHG emission of the whole country will reach its peak in 2014 and reduce from 2015, realizing decoupling of economic development and greenhouse gas emission.

The GHG reduction target by field and business type is expected to provide momentum to enhance growth engine in the era of high oil prices by improving adaptability to environmental trade regulations. In particular, it will be applied to the reduction target by enterprise, which is to be set in this September.

If the target by field and business type is finally confirmed, action plans by field, announced by the Presidential Committee on Green Growth will be continuously promoted and detailed plans by each related government department will be made and reviewed on a regular basis.

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