The World’s First Cordless Root Canal Sealer, the E&Q Master!
The World’s First Cordless Root Canal Sealer, the E&Q Master!
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E&Q Master PEN and GUN.

The E&Q Master, a cordless root canal sealer developed by Meta Biomed (, is causing quite a sensation. Starting with a profit of 2 million dollars from exports in just one year after its release, it entered into a 7 million dollar contract with Sybron, one of the three major medical product manufacturing companies in the U.S. This is proof that Korea's very own Meta Biomed has been acknowledged in the global market. It was selected as a first-class product of the next generation in 2007, receiving an award from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy. Moreover, there was continuous support from the Korea Health Industry Development Institute which had been impressed with the product's high quality. Lacking of its awareness in the U.S., certification from a public institute has given a push in landing the deal by raising the credibility of the product.

Just what is an E&Q Master, and with what quality has it earned its acknowledgement The E&Q Master is the world's first integrated cordless root canal sealer. Root canal sealing is a treatment where after an endodontic treatment of scraping away the germs in an affected tooth, medical substances are put in the resulting hole. If a tooth is left hollow after an endodontic treatment, the risk of reinfection is high, and thus root canal sealing has become a necessary treatment. The E&Q Master is a root canal sealer which uses batteries, making it easy to recharge.  And when the batteries run out, you can change them right away to significantly reduce the time-gap in treatment. It was designed to work only at low voltages for the safety of the patient, and the ergonomic design as well as its simple use maximize the surgeon's convenience to reduce the time spent for procedures. This kind of quality together with the outstanding competitive price give expectations for a growth rate of more than 100% every year.

Along with the root canal sealer, the apex locator must be brought up as well. In order to proceed with endodontic treatment and root canal sealing, the length of the apex must be measured beforehand. If the apex is measured longer than its actual length and the treatment goes under way, the tooth and nerves will then be scraped away way too deeply in which the patient will end up in severe pain. On the other hand, measuring it too shortly will result in insufficient scraping, leading to possible re-invasion of germs. The Smarpex is a fully automatic apex locator which will relieve these worries. The Smarplex is equipped with fully automatic revision mechanism while using technology which minimizes X-ray exposures. With its new technology of not being affected by electrolyte solutions secreted within the root canal, a more accurate measurement is made possible. Also, a wide screen which enables to read the results easily and quickly, along with the audio sign system, all aim for the convenience of the surgeon.

These strong points are the key factors for gaining popularity in the global market. Recently, a multinational company of Japan referred to as "N" and a "D" company of the U.S. have acknowledged the design, the quality and the price of the E&Q Master and are now pushing ahead with their contracts.

Meta Biomed has been selected for the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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