Award Winning Innovative Show Design "Goes All In" with Million Dollar Show Set of Massive Proportions
Award Winning Innovative Show Design "Goes All In" with Million Dollar Show Set of Massive Proportions
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Orlando, Florida...July 7 , 2011...Innovative Show Design, a boutique scenic and lighting design firm based in Orlando, Florida has taken the words "lights, camera, action" to an entirely new level with a new set created for the long-running World Series of Poker program originating from Las Vegas. Innovative Show Design (ISD) uses over 700 lights, a state of the art configuration and structures that baffle even the most eccentric of designers. Celebrating its fifth year anniversary, ISD has also designed sets for such mega-productions as the NBA Finals, Versus' new Hockey Central set and the Super Bowl. Networks such as FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC have called on the expertise of Innovative Show Design to give them the edge over their competition.

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is being played at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino. To cap off the main event the show needed a set full of special effects, off-the-charts design elements and professional support structures.  ISD designed a giant structure of circular trusses in an effort to provide the 360 degree jumbotron effect view from the game table. Features of the massive set design include a wraparound row of video panels, over 700 lights on the stage, LED products, and a series of state-of-the-art designs painstakingly perfected by the 5 year old firm.

Camera-friendliness is always a big reason to ISD's end result. The company chose Elation's new Platinum Wash LED Zoom, which has a very compact profile and features an 11°-36.5° built-in zoom. There usage is to provide backlights for the audience, big color washes and also to provide "beauty shots" for the camera. Elation's Design Wash LED 60s are being used as a background element on the set in the player's entrance area. This makes the poker table have an almost celestial background. For similar reasons the Elation ELED DW Par 56, a compact WW/CW LED par can, is being used to light the tournament's two main feature tables, which remain in use throughout the month-long period
Along with Elation lights, the WSOP set features the company's EVLED 1024 LED Video Panels. In addition to being wrapped around the central circular truss structure, the panels are used in the lower audience wall to provide interesting backgrounds behind the players sitting at the poker tables.

Innovative Show Design (ISD) celebrates its five year anniversary this year and has accomplished what most design firms take decades to achieve. Aside from the World Series of Poker, ISD continues to create set designs and production support systems for major televised sporting events, specials and corporate events.  They have become known in the industry for their custom designs and one-of-a-kind environments. This small but dynamic group was the brainchild of Chris Runnells who founded ISD and has remained true to its core mission of creativity with spirit and design with exceptional results. Chris knew early on that he wanted to take his creative design experience and combine with the technical expertise of some of the country's most promising artists and production experts. Joining him were lighting designer/associate artistic director Justin Garrone, graphics supervisor, Nate Mitchell, project manager/associate scenic designer Mark Dowling. In only five short years ISD has achieved success and commitment from partners that remains astonishing in the industry.
From a big dream in a small office to the world's biggest television set, Chris Runnells and his core team has taken Innovative Show Design from a small operation to a world class, award winning production and creative design firm that is out to make its mark globally.


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