Mobility in the Fast Lane
Mobility in the Fast Lane
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Dongmun introduces Mobile X-ray system

It all started over a decade ago. Mobile telephones suddenly started dominating every aspect of our life. Year after year, as the technology evolved and advanced, how we live and work on a daily basis has changed dramatically. Its size and functions have been inversely proportional. People were freshly surprised at what mobility functions could do. The trend did not stay in one industry, but spread like fire to the others. One of the affected industries, personal PCs, became infected with laptops, which of course are conveniently mobile.  The laptop has been taking the same path as mobile phones, becoming dominant and gaining more recognition over the years. Medical devices are also racing hard by jumping into the bandwagon, taking full advantage of what is going on in the market. In fact, hospitals are ready to embrace a fast-paced revolt considering a growing demand of portable medical gadgets, not just for special uses.

Now X-ray systems have mobility

One of many mobile medical innovations recently took the stage. One South Korean company has been looking into many unheeded cases where critical patients with urgent conditions could not get x-rays in time due to certain unfortunate circumstances. This was very deplorable and provoking for people who witnessed or went through this. To help those in desperate need, the company attached wheels and some special features to this digital x-ray machine which we think is too huge and sensitive to carry around.

Their first x-ray type ran on batteries. It was hogging lots of power for mobility, because the performance could not live up to expectation without them. But this battery-powered x-ray posed several ensuing problems. First, batteries did not last long enough, which limited the number of patients who could receive the treatment. Thus, the operator had to change batteries to x-ray many patients as they came. Second, one needed to always check on the serial battery arrangement to make sure its power source was fully charged. This is a potential risk for any mobile device. Third, used batteries were and are still a challenging environmental issue for mother nature.

To deal with the above issues, Dongmun introduced their new capacitor-type device that can depend on low power sources, and can be charged and discharged. This type has been engineered to use power (even below 20A) coming from a charged condenser. It is a Cap Bank type with mobility functions. As an X-ray device, the touch screen is convenient and makes it easier to check on the medical status of a target patient. Even more vivid and accurate radiographic images can be realized with DR. The Motor Driving feature takes away its weight and emphasizes how mobile it really is, for it never takes up space.

Dongmun has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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