Participating Company - LG Electronics
Participating Company - LG Electronics
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Out to Capture Asia Portable Phone Market

"One Fine Day with LG Mobile"

Park Mun-hwa
LGE Telecom President
LG Electronics' strategy is to create appeal for LG's innovative technological solutions as well as make significant inroads into the world portable phone market with a particular emphasis on Asia. The Korea IT Times spoke with LGE President Park Mun-hwa regarding the company's goal at the ITU Telecom Asia 2004.

LG Electronics participates in ITU Telecom Asia 2004 with a view to capturing Asian portable phone market.

LG Electronics will take part in ITU Telecom Asia 2004 under the theme, 'Life's Good.' Its strategy will be to create an appeal for LG's innovative technological solutions as well as make significant inroads into the world portable phone market with a particular emphasis on Asia.

LG Electronics is a leader in the WCDMA portable market worldwide, and has recently concluded a large-scale supply contracts with 3G mobile telecommunication business providers such as Hutchison and Orange. On this basis, the company is concentrating its efforts on boosting LG portable phone's brand image along with an innovative new product line-up in Europe as well as the Asian GSM market. To this end, LG Electronics is seeking to expand its business by forming partnerships with new telecommunication business providers. ITU Telecom Asia will present an outstanding opportunity to meet with the CEOs of these providers, hence its merit as a marketing venue.

LG Electronics wants its visitors to its exhibit be able to experience firsthand how the LG portable phone can form a part of and enhance everyday life. Under the concept of 'One Fine Day with LG Mobile', the company has erected a number of sets in sequence, beginning with an office, a rest room, a cafe, a street and the interior of a home, all with an LG mobile phone as a central element.

Moreover, the company will have on display market-leading products such as its satellite DMB terminal, MP3phone, and a phone that operates by fingerprint recognition. LG Electronics plans to display portable phones using both the CDMA as well as the GSM protocols featuring completely novel designs and functions.

LG Electronics is committed to help create a world where people live with convenience and affluence. By simply pressing a few buttons it interlinks inside and outside a home enabled with digital, electronics, and infotech hybrids. A world in which everyone gets information and communications easily and in real time via ubiquitous wired-wireless networks. That's what the company is dreaming of now.

President Park Mun-hwa of LGE Telecom says, "LG Electronics pursues its 21st century vision of becoming a true global digital leader who can make its customers worldwide happy through its innovative digital products and services".

In particular, the company sets its mid-term and long-term vision anew to rank among the top 3 electronics, information, and telecommunication firms in the world by 2010.

As such, LG Electronics embraces the philosophy of "Great Company", "Great People" whereby only great people can create a great company, and pursue two growth strategies involving "fast innovation" and "fast growth". Likewise, the company seeks to secure three core capabilities: product leadership, market leadership, and people-centered leadership.

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