Molecular Technology in the Future
Molecular Technology in the Future
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Dolly was a clone sheep much like these.

The sheep Dolly was the world's first cloned mammal. People looked at it as a symbol of progenitor for the future clones; furthermore, its birth seemed to signal the beginning of human cloning projects, and they opened up many DNA-related technologies, also entailing many controversial moral issues.

Since this eye-opening event, plenty of adventurous engineers in the industry are struggling hard to reach another breakthrough to free people from fears of aging, disease, and the termination of life with a baggage of biological tricks.

And the engineers need support from BIONEER, whose mission involves providing top-notch technology solutions to the fields of molecular diagnostics and therapeutics.  BIONEER plugs into the global healthcare market in molecular biology, DNA/RNA synthesis, nano-biotechnology, bio automation, and instrumentation. All of their products for these different lots are supported by scores of patents from U.S., Japan, and South Korea.

Products Engineered by BIONEER

Their molecular biology products are oligonucleotides, siRNA, Gene Synthesis, Phosphoramidites, DNA/RNA Amp, DNA/RNA Prep, Ladders & Markers, Enzymes, and the S. pombe Deletion Mutant Library.  They also produce Agaro-powertm which is an agarose gel electrophoresis kit, MyGenietm32 Thermal Block which is the peltier-based thermal block, MyGenietm96 Gradient Thermal Block which is the peltier-based thermal block with temperature control system, and the Exicyclertm96 Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Block which is the Peltier-based thermal block combined with Bioneer's innovative optical system. And molecular diagnostic products are Accupower Quantitative PCR Diagnostic Kits that detect all of the target pathogens like viruses, bacteria, parasites, and biomarkers.  Also, the Fully-automated Real-Time Diagnostic Vehicle that is the fully-equipped mobile detection and identification system using Real-Time PCR, covering from sample preparation to Real-Time PCR analysis.

Extract DNA/RNA from various types of clinical samples and analyze results.

Another product line of their modular parallel molecular diagnostics is ExiStation. This system is the world's unique MDx platform which can take care of a number of different types of samples at the same time. Its ExiPreptm16Dx takes and extracts DNA/RNA from various clinical samples from up to 6 instruments. Then Exicyclertm96 runs its single course to detect multiple targets simultaneously (up to 96 well).  Next it analyzes the results to locate multiple pathogens from clinical samples using diagnostic software and automatic result analysis.

At the final stage, ExiStation saves and updates the data. One remarkable fact about this system is that it takes only 4.17 hours for all 96 tests to get results from clinical samples. This is unrivaled and the fastest ever.  Currently, Seoul City Public Health Office is running ExiStation.  Its foundation was 1992. Years later, in 1996, its new title BIONEER was introduced.  BIONEER first pioneered its own molecular biology and diagnostic products in the South Korean market. Since beginning, BIONEER has continued to provide the latest solution to the global community of life science.

Bioneer has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellece since 2010

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