Technology for a Cup of Milk - Yun Sung F&C
Technology for a Cup of Milk - Yun Sung F&C
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In your busy daily life, a cup of milk and a slice of toast are common for a light meal. However, few know the process behind how milk arrives at your doorstep. Imagine grasslands in the country with a smell of cow dung which is widely dubbed as the smell of hometown Korea, where a herd of cattle is penned and milked by a farmer.

Children in the city would never imagine how much milk a cow can produce. Once milked, the farmer struggles repeatedly to carry away the large amount of cow's milk that is challenging even for an adult to deal with. The question here is in what process the immense amount of raw milk arrives at the hands of your father on his way to work.


Technology attached to daily lives

And that is where Yun Sung F&C ( 's technical skills shine through. Milk silos by the company embody various delicate technologies that it owns, which ranges from preservation technology that keeps a million tons of milk from going bad, technology that maintains clean milk silos and milk passages, technology that protects the tank from corrosion by lactobacillus, and milk sterilization technology.

What is more, Yun Sung F&C's Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) system maintains the cleanliness of a milk silo, and maximizes the cleaning effects while minimizing the usage of detergent, and keeps the quality of milk cleaner and healthier. In addition, the small but solid company boasts of its fermentation tank. When it comes to milk processing, fermentation is a tricky issue to tackle with as milk is fermented into yogurt or cheese, and, though fermented dairy products taste good, fermentation prevents milk from being processed.

To tackle the issue, its fermentation tank has internal structure that protects from corrosion by lactobacillus and deformation by heat, and inside surface is kept clean with a filter installed. Meanwhile, sterilization is the most critical part of milk processing, as large quantity of milk easily go bad and raw milk contain germs that can be harmful to humans. To address the issue comes plate heat exchanger. It is plate-type sterilizer that can be used to sterilize all kinds of liquids and is economical as highly energy efficient and limited space for installation is required.

Plate heat exchanger by Yun Sung F&C functions both in high temperature short time or Ultra High Temperature methods, and maximizes sterilization effects while keeping milk well-nourished and fresh.


Long process hinted at a phrase

One may feel familiar to a phrase regarding sterilization. Seoul Milk, Korea's top milk distributer, has adopted food processing system by Yun Sung F&C and specified the sterilization process on a milk carton, in which Yun Sung F&C's advanced technologies culminated and readers be hinted at endless process that lies behind a cup of tasty milk.

Yun Sung F&C has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009


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