World's Green Energy Supporter in Bearing Industry
World's Green Energy Supporter in Bearing Industry
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Upon opening a greeting page on the web, the green-colored catch phrase The World Green Energy Supporter grabs glances. Behind are fast-paced clouds moving in the sporadic blue sky; a brilliant set-up that slightly hints the true colors of a Supporter. These two colors, blue and green, are implying that our mother nature plays a vital role for our survival. Thus it is reminding us once again that protecting her from this ever-changing and menacing industrial aggression is important. One of the effective ways is minimizing the use of antagonistic resources and replacing them with environmentally-friendly ones. Good examples are hydro power plants and thermal power plants.  These plants’ bare-bones supporter is, as already indicated, Dong Yang Metal.

NX Modeling

Unpredictable but not unprepared

One prominent characteristic that best describes our age by far is unpredictable. People’s lives are constantly affected and are rapidly changing at the same time.  The industrial situation is never left alone in this. And DYM, never being immune to this trend, always stays keen to connect with and quickly adapt to it by improving and renovating their facilities and the quality control program. The efforts result in the technology that widely covers whole industries including the marine engine application industry. Those superior and patented bearings that DYM is producing are highly efficient and can live up to the specifications of many different customers.

There are the bearings for power plants: hydro power, thermal power, nuclear power, gas turbines and generators. Marine related are engine bearings, LNGC turbine bearings and turbo charger bearings. Also the bearings for reduction gear, cement plants, steel plants, chemical plants, and compressors, plus many more bearings for other industrial uses.

Among them, two bearings, the white metal bearing and the plain bearing, are noticeable. These bearings made of carbon steel, cast steel and cast iron, lined with white metal, are applied to the balls of general bearing support shafts, power plants, and marine engines. An oil film between the shaft and the white metal can support the shaft at high load and speed.

Quality Priority and Timely Delivery

Starting in 1981, DYM has been fully committed to customer needs with a promise of effortless devotion. For this, the company puts its will into action by complying with hectic and rapidly-changing industrial circumstances in cooperation with DYM Research & Development Institute. Dong Yang Metal‘s business motto QUALITY PRIORITY AND TIMELY DELIVERY has never failed to keep carrying its spirit until now and will continue to do so.

DYM CO., LTD. Inspection has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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