Unbelievable Cleanliness, HAAN’s Atocleaz
Unbelievable Cleanliness, HAAN’s Atocleaz
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Many mothers these days are highly interested in environmentally-friendly products, as more children are scratching their irritated skin with atopic syndrome. One of the major causes, experts say, is the chemical additives and pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables.

Although some farms in Korea have adopted organic farming around the Nakdong-river, there are too few yet and the fact that Korea imports almost 80 percent of its agricultural products from abroad makes it even more difficult for consumers to avoid chemicals in their food.

Most of the imported products are exposed to additional preservatives in order to preserve freshness during the relatively long transportation. It is no wonder that mothers are worried about how they can safely consume fruits and vegetables.


Atocleaz - sterilizing water maker that kills 99 percent of bacteria purely with water

Atocleaz has delivered the good news for those concerned mothers, as this new product eradicates bacteria as well as residual pesticides using nothing other than water. It does not even heat the water to kill germs. It may sound too good to be true, but magical sterilization is simply the result of the scientific process. The sterilization nozzle, once put in water, breaks the water molecules into OH- through electricity.

Deprived of hydrogen of H2O from electric shock, OH- takes hydrogen from harmful bacteria and then changes to water while the bacteria die. Harmless to human body, OH- is the second strongest sterilizer after hydrogen and twice stronger than chlorine and ozone. And it is harmless to human body.

In fact, a commissioned test by Korea Conformity Laboratories found that it sterilizes 99.9 percent of germs including super bacteria, colon bacillus, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, and pneumococcus in three minutes. And the Korea Environment and Water Works Institute's test shows that the sterilizing water eliminates, among residual pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables, 100 percent of diazinon and over 97 percent of fenitrothion, two especially toxic chemicals.

basic principle of mechanical motion of ATOCLEAZ

Focus on user-friendliness

Atocleaz can produce sterilizing water up to 10L at a time, enough to use for not only washing vegetables and fruits, but also cleaning toothbrush, dentures, and toys. The water maintains 99.9 percent of sterilization for an hour, which makes it useful for various purposes such as getting rid of remaining smells in a food container or washing the face.

And it can be also put in a spray bottle before spraying onto bed or clothes. The slim wall-mountable design proves space-efficient and the prop enhances its convenience. The touch-screen operation buttons allow users to choose small (2-3L), medium(5L), or large(10L) mode depending on the purpose. This new product can well fulfill consumers' wish to stay away from pesticide residues and food poisoning in the summer.

Haan Corporation has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2008

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