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The 13th Anniversary of the Independence of UzbekistanM

On the occasion of the 13th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Embassy of Uzbekistan held a commemorating reception on September 1 at the Millennium Seoul Hilton. Amb. Vitali V. Fen of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Seoul welcomed the diplomatic corps in Seoul as well as invited guests the party, saying that President Islam Karimov stands for comprehensive consolidation of our country's independence, including in the economy. "Uzbekistan is emphasizing the development of mutually beneficial cooperation in the Central Asian region and makes active efforts aimed at strengthening regional security and cooperation," the Ambassador explained.

The 13th Northeast Asia Economic Forum

The 13th Northeast Asia Economic Forum was held from September 17 through September 18 in Seoul with the theme, "Prosperity through Cooperation in Northeast Asia." Chairman & CEO Jae-Chul Kim of Korea International Trade Association said, "Northeast Asia has the potential to take its place among the world's largest regional economies. It would exceed those of North America and Europe in size, if the Northeast Asian region forms an economic community and expands regional economic cooperation, along the lines of the NAFTA or the EU".

The 35th Anniversary of the Libyan Revolution

On the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of the Great El Fateh Revolution of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the Secretary of the People's Bureau Dr. Abdussadam J.Arafa held a commemorating reception on September 24 at the Hotel Shilla.

Despite of the previous night of the Chusuk (the Korean Thanksgiving Day which falls on the 15th of August by lunar calendar), African ambassadors were present including Amb. Kuneralp of Turkey, Hussein Rammal of Lebanon, Ali Khalifa of Sudan, and Alsherida of Kuwait.

The National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi

On the occasion of the National Day, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saleh M. Al-Rajhy hosted a reception on September 23 at the Millennium Seoul Hilton, inviting the diplomatic corps in Seoul as well as partners government officials and business circles such as Hyundai Engineering & Construction. The Saudi Embassy's function was one of the largest receptions held this year in Seoul and the Embassy publicized the nation's achievements through video and printed materials.

The Grand Opening of the "W" Hotel

The Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel held an opening party for its W Hotel on September 23. Seoul hotel business circles' General Managers including general manager Bernhard Brender of the Millennim Seoul Hilton, CEO Johnhee Han of Han Suites and a number of invited guests were present to congratulate the opening of the new luxurious hotel. The W hotel is expected to provoke a new kind of hotel culture with its state-of-the-art facilities as well as its highquality hotel style.

Global Competition Paradigm & International Technology Cooperation

KOTEF held a seminar regarding "Global competition Paradigm and International Technology Cooperation Strategy" with the support of MOCIE on August 31 at the Renaissance Hotel.

The seminar composed of the first part about international technology cooperation's new paradigm and successful technology innovation examples and the second part regarding each nations' core technology capacity as well as cooperation method with Korea etc. Further, as corporate success examples, Samsung's global R&BD strategy and outsourcing, LG Life Science's technology innovation success Management, and multinational corporation's international technology cooperation success strategy etc. were presented. For more information, call KOTEF at (82-2)6009-3144.

Mexico & Qatar held their respective National Day functions

The Embassy of Mexico and the Embassy of Qatar held functions respectively to commemorate Independence Day as well as National Day on September 15 and on September 3 at the Grand Hyatt. The two nations' receptions were characterized by the two embassies' efforts to publicize each nation effectively through screen as well as peculiar cuisines and so on. The diplomatic corps in Seoul had a substantial first meeting after the summer season in the two embassies receptions.

Switzerland Travel Experience Seoul 2004

The Switzerland Tourism Board held its STE (Switzerland Travel Experiece Seoul 2004) during three days from September 12 through September 14. Eight themes of this year's STE included Gastronomy & Wine, Scenic Tour, Luxury & Shopping, Flower Experience, Glacier Experience, Mountain Peaks, Historical & Nostalgic Experience, and Cultural Experience. This event in which 25 Swiss area's Tourism Boards took part, was the largest scale since the establishment of the Switzerland Tourism Board in Seoul.

The 1st TETRA South Korea Conference

The 1st TETRA South Korea Conference was held on September 22 at the Seoul Renaissance Hotel. ESTI Deputy Director General Jorgen Friis introduced in his address, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute ETSI and positioned TETRA alongside GSM as one of the success stories of the Institute. A paper regarding "The Communication Strategy in Disaster Management" by Duke Jeong, Prof. at Dongguk University presented the "Concept of Communication Operations in Disaster Management."

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