New Facebook Message System Transforms the Traditional SMS
New Facebook Message System Transforms the Traditional SMS
  • Natasha Willhite, US Correspondent of Korea IT Tim
  • 승인 2011.08.10 22:14
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Minnesota, USA -August 10, 2011 - As of yesterday, Facebook users who have smartphones can install an app, Facebook Messenger, in order to experience the best new communication yet! This app allows its users to text each other while also maintaining a log on the actual 'message' portion of Facebook; not all users need to have this app in order to have a conversation this way -unlike the Google+ messaging app. Someone on one end can be using the Facebook Message online while the other uses the phone app. Conversations can be between multiple users, which makes the app even better! Indeed Facebook is determined to transform the way that we do everything; the old way of text messaging is about to change as fast as Myspace converted itself to an entertainment-oriented site.


This new option helps users get the messages that matters to them in the fastest way possible. If someone is not logged into Facebook on a computer, it automatically routes messages to the phone; there are no missed or late messages, so the frustrations of checking multiple sources of communication is nearly gone. We are bombarded on a daily basis by checking e-mails, social networking messages and posts, voicemails on our phones, and much more. Finally, we can depend on Facebook in cutting back on this.


Facebook has the upper hand in the battle against Google; as much as Google wants to take the reins in social networking, Facebook refuses to let that happen by maintaining its innovative approach. Undoubtedly it knows what we users want without us even saying a word - of course it can also be wrong but eventually it changes its ways to match what we want in most cases.

There are some people who may complain on the changes from voice to text conversations. Facebook is rolling with the trends. As much as I can understand the genuine concerns over written messages taking over our communication, we must see the benefits of this as well; we can communicate when it is most convenient without having to almost schedule a time to talk with someone over the phone. It is also quick and easy.

Currently there are many reports of the 'dangers' of social networks to the younger generation and also the 'regression' in communication due to the lack of proper English skills. Although this cannot be proven yet, we must not blame the technology but rather the system that is not teaching these children properly. Perhaps schools are even more relaxed since I graduated from high school 5 years ago. Instead of blaming the technology, we must search for the weaknesses in our education system and fix them.


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