Aiming to Become a Global BcN Corporation
Aiming to Become a Global BcN Corporation
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Building on In-House Technology to Offer Value Added Services

From September 7 through September 11, the "ITU Telecom Asia 2004" exhibition was held in Busan, Korea. At this exhibition, global corporations as well as domestic telecommunications firms showed off their current and next-generation technologies. In particular, while large domestic corporations as well as huge telecoms such as Samsung Electronics, KT, and LG Electronics took part in the exhibition, one domestic venture firm made a big splash by showing off its products and technology at a large-sized exhibition booth. In doing so, BCN(Broadband convergence Network) solution specialist firm Dinnovan demonstrated its global ambitions at this year's ITU.

by Lee Kwang - jae, Reporter/

"As the contemporary communication market is trending toward BcN, Dinnovan will keep pace with this development by offering more flexible and convenient services to users."

Dinnovan ( was established with 40 employees in 2000 to exploit the new potential represented by BcN.

Since its establishment, Dinnovan has been engaged in projects with major telecom corporations at home or supplying the company's products to telecom corporations such as its ARS/RFC test bed system to SK Telecom, and its 114 concentrated control system and service broker to KT. In addition, the company has supplied its Excel switch system as well as VPSS system for Hey Anita and its CMS maintenance repair test bed system for the Korean Overseas Information Service (KOIS) and Korea Info Data Corp. (KOID).

Dinnovan's brisk business is due to the fact that the company's outstanding advances in DOD transponders, web dialing, telephone coupling devices, and mobile animation automation conversion solutions (MACS), all of which it has acquired technology patents for. Dinnovan's technological capability has been attested by governmental institutions as well as distinguished journals such as The Maeil Economic Newspaper. It was selected as a promising information and communication firm by the Ministry of Communication (MIC), winning the Digital Competitiveness Grand Prize.

Dinnovan CTO Yeon-Hee Seo said, "Because Dinnovan is a firm that offers systems to allow wire and wireless communication, business providers are able to offer not only general telephone service but also a diversity of value added services, our company may not be well known to the public at large". However, the CTO pointed out that the company's systems are being used by a prominent domestic news agency as well as governmental institutions.

She further added that the company's technological edge has been recognizing by SKT purchasing Dinnovan's coloring equipment.

On the basis of its in-house technology and business know-how, Dinnovan built an annual turnover in excess of 14.5 billion won last year and is gaining recognition as a leading venture firm that is achieving stellar growth despite a general business recession.

Currently, Dinnovan's business focus is on solutions such as BcN, communication added service, telecommuting and mobile. First off, its BcN business is composed of systems such as the media server "megaMedia" the company had developed, and the media gateway "megaGateway". Its mobile business includes solutions such as MACS (Mobile Animation Conversion System), VCNAP (Visual Calling Name Presentation), and CNAP+ (Calling Name Presentation). Its telecommuting area includes equipment such as megaPost, megaGateway, and RG (Residential Gateway). Also, its communication added service business includes equipment such as MRBT (Multi-ring Back Tone), megaIP, and megaSN (Service Node).

Dinnovan received favorable responses from visitors, both from home and abroad to the three solutions it showcased at its stand at the Busan ITU Telecom Asia 2004. They included its "U-Conference," MACS (Mobile Animation Conversion System), and "megaIVR" that can accept PSTN and IT simultaneously.

U-Conference is a true convergence solution that can integrate video, VoIP voice, and data conferences on the basis of existing teleconferencing technology. The product demonstrates economy through its strong security features, convenient use, a range of high-quality services, plus time and cost reductions.

Specifically, the most notable feature of U-Conference is that it has solved the problem of tone quality, the greatest issue facing IP networks, and that users can benefit from a convenient and efficient conference service.

Accordingly, Dinnovan will market U-Conference for use in corporate general meetings and in-house education, targeting government, public agencies, call centers as well as service centers, and educational institutions.

U-Conference is earmarked to form the basis of Dinnovan's BcN business as a telecommuting solution and to this end a joint development project with KT is currently under way.

MASC (Mobile Animation Conversion System) is a solution that allows images such as Avatars, now purchased through Internet portals to be used in mobile phones. This solution is available through Bugs, a Korean entertainment portal.

MegaIVR is an intelligent-model answering system that allows users to swiftly respond to telephone inquiries as well as handle reservations, undertake consultations, and provide information regardless of time and space.

Dinnovan CTO Yeon-Hee Seo said: "The company is looking forward to a good response from overseas as well as from home, with the Busan ITU providing the impetus." She added that communication business providers such as SKT, KT/KTF, have shown great interest Dinnovan solutions.

Dinnovan has designated this year as one of solution development to propel its business and publicize its achievements to the market. With this aim in view, the company plans to promote its brand as well as its product by holding professional seminars, participating in exhibitions including international events such as the ITU.

The company is aiming at increasing turnover this year by more than 30percent over last year, a target Dinnovan is confident of achieving without difficulty. Furthermore, Dinnovan said it will be able to make greater gains in terms of profit too.

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