PLASCOM Paints World with Functional Colors
PLASCOM Paints World with Functional Colors
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The world gets more colors these days.  On our computer screen, black and green or white were the only colors that we could see not so long ago, but now we have millions of colors to please our eyes, even in high-definition. In the same way, let us take a quick peek at our surroundings.  It would not be hard for anyone to notice quite a colorful environment compared to some of the past scenes that were painted in one dull and monolithic color everywhere. And here is a company whose mission is not only enriching many different industries with their ever-evolving functional colors, but our life as well.
PLASCOM ( is manufacturing Plastic Colorant and Additive Master Batch and, from material design to production and usage development, has been successfully in introducing General Purpose M/B, Functional M/B and Engineering Plastic in the market.

Functional Master Batch from PLASCOM

Color Master Batch as functional additives is the colorant necessary for ensuring excellent colors and processability.  It barely affects physical properties and is easy-to-use, environmentally safe, and effective for weighing. And there are Blow Molding Color M/B, Injection Color M/B, Sheet &Extrusion Color M/B, Film Color M/B, Fluorescent Color M/B, and Color M/B.
Functional Master Batch is supposed to give target products a number of specific requested functions. Various agents are categorized depending on their purpose. Anti-die-peeling agents prevent scratches and scale deposits in the die during the formation process for products, thus leading to a low error rate and high production efficiency. Carbide-preventing agents fight the thermal generation of carbide at the initial operation after the suspension of forming machines, minimizing any carbide-related errors. Antibiotic and antifungal treatment is for various provisions, toys and food, also used for industrial and domestic purposes. Dehumidifying agent made from a natural nontoxic inorganic porous material rarely causes any troubles due to its low pH level. The other functions are antistatic, UV stabilizer, temperature sensing/light sensing, slip agent/anti-blocking, foaming, bio-ceramic material, flame-retardant, marble color, photodecomposition, shrinking proof, pearl color.

Unique Management Policy

Opened for business in 1999, PLASCOM, with their accumulated experiences and technologies, has been providing the best service and products for the industry under its unique management policy: we sell functions, we work together with our customers, we seek mutual benefits, and we seek differentiation. President Mr. Lee Heui Ju sums things up “PLASCOM is research and development oriented corporation, which has been studying and developing functional materials to Plastic Colorant and Plastic Materials… We promise that we shall contribute ourselves to our community and society by responding promptly to the rapid changes of the business & its environment and new business strategies.”


Plascom has been awarded as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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