Korea Creative content Agency Plans Second Big Wave
Korea Creative content Agency Plans Second Big Wave
  • Chun Go-eun
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The word 'Hallyu,' or Korean Wave, is not an unfamiliar term nowadays. After the success of Korean soaps in Asia, a lot of content has made its way into the world market. Most remarkable is the K-Pop boom that has occurred recently in many parts of the world. 

The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) was founded in 2008 as a government plan to turn Korea into a cultural superpower in the world content market. The agency is a merging of 5 sub-agencies such as the Korean Game Industry Agency and the Cultural Content Agency. Every effort to promote Korean content from market research to implementing policies is undertaken by KOCCA.


Diggin' up scenarios and next gen content 

One of the projects currently being undertaken by the KOCCA is the Korean Scenario Contest which is a nationwide contest and exhibit for movie, TV show, game, or comic scenarios; in fact, scenarios for any contemporary cultural content. Many of the scenarios that have won in previous contests have been made into hit soap operas, and one of last year's winners, The Seven Dwarves, is being made into a full-length feature animation for distribution in the US. 

With so many undiscovered talents in the underground scene, the government is financially supporting the smaller content companies through the KOCCA. Most of this funding goes to promoting the firm's expansion into the world market and of course production. Even now plans are underway to create over 200 billion won in global funding. 

Not satisfied with promoting the current hot content, KOCCA is also looking for and developing the next generation content. The plan is to provide support for content for new platforms such as 3D, smart media, virtual reality, and a social network for a head start in this market. A next generation content HQ will be established in the near future to create infrastructure and project support with the 16 billion won budget that has been approved for this.


Korean wave hits the world 

One of Korean 3D movies

The recent Korean wave had an impact on millions all around the world, with many countries importing Korean soap operas, music, and movies for the younger generation. Some claim that Korean content is successful because of how it can relate to local consumers while retaining the inherent characteristics of Korean culture. 

With their support from unearthing hidden, high-class scenarios to founding partnerships between content makers and distributors and their foreign counterparts, the KOCCA had a great deal of work done before the Korean wave successfully hit the shores of foreign countries.  

However, they are unwilling to be satisfied yet. More ideas for scenarios are being searched for in the KOCCA Korea Story Competition and the founding of the Story Creation Center. The agency is always on the lookout for other, more exciting content to be marketed in the global market, while current chains of distributions are constantly being expanded through new contracts and partnerships.


World beats together with K-Pop            

The current Korean wave is being spearheaded by the various K-Pop idol groups that are attending concerts and shows all over the globe. Music agencies are being supported with a K-Pop Training Institute, which reinforces the current pop star training programs. Foreign contracts are also being sought out with collaborations with local music agencies. 

To create a standardized training program for K-Pop idols, KOCCA has established a Popular Artist Support Center that looks for, trains and educates potential K-Pop idols. Some of the recent K-Pop hits have been influenced by this program. Stars such as Beast, 4 Minutes, and Teen Top were chosen as part of the KOCCA rookie musician unearthing plan as well. 

While the recent success of idol groups is being celebrated by many, KOCCA is planning to retain the momentum of this success for even bigger advancements in the future. To promote K-Pop even further, the KOCCA claims that the current domestic music industry must have more diversity.

One of the reasons K-Pop could create so many global fans was their diversity and adaptability so that fans would not tire easily of their music. It is the government's job for the future to create the infrastructure for even more diversity and creativity in the music industry. KOCCA is currently running the Hello Rookie project and the Concert Support project to create a communications hub between indie musicians. This year the newly-built Muse Live concert hall in Olympic Hall is being anticipated as the scene of many new and innovative music styles.


Plans for the future 

KOCCA has always been on the lookout for great stories, and this search is not ending anytime soon. The most outstanding scenarios are being put under projects for global distribution. Also the agency is looking to create a better environment to fund and produce new content. 

As well as looking to develop new platform content such as 3D and CG, KOCCA is also working to resolve many issues that have risen with developments of more contemporary content. With new developments come new issues both legally and culturally, so KOCCA has established itself as the committee to resolve such issues concerning cultural content. These are all part of the plan to eventually breathe new life into development and support for even more diverse programs and training for future content, and further down the road the whole industry.

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