Everybody Wins with Mechanical Part Technology
Everybody Wins with Mechanical Part Technology
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Pledging a promise with the catchphrase Your Successful Business with Yujincometal, their clients can secure a portion of success which, very likely, could be getting a bad rap under heavy pressure these days.  Nine times out of ten, they lose confidence in being successful with their business that might be screwed up when a bolt flies out of a nut on the go. But there should be no worries. Yujincometal brings a box of tools soon that fastens and fixes their mechanical parts while chanting "For Customers, For Technology, Together." True, for their customers, Yujincometal pulls it off together with their technology.

Yujincometal's Mechanical and Business Parts

The business centers on machinery and makes a border network of several different areas.  They are broken down into diesel engines, gas turbines, petrochemicals, wind power generator parts, heavy equipment, and defense industry parts. And all of their patents and certificates allude to another pledge for high quality. Here, for those who are still wondering, they need to stop scratching their heads and start scratching the surface of their products.  They will be able to tell the difference as Yujincometal's production line is running in full circle with equipment like CNC turning centers, sawing machines, rolling machines, milling machines, and bench presses.

The main products are manufactured whilst aiming at the best quality. These essential components, when put in place, are undeniably becoming one critical part of the whole mechanical build-up.  No one wants to see a robot or machine running with a faulty noise that portends disaster.

Go Green, Go Quality

Yujincometal goes green and goes for quality.  The company is upholding the flag which reads "Think Customer-Oriented, Prepare Optimized Quality Systems, and Continue Technology Innovation.  They have six codes of conduct that obligate the staff to work strictly for quality realization and customer satisfaction. For our natural environment, Yujincometal laid out all 5 codes to follow, bearing in mind that the company's campaign for the protection of Mother Nature adds to its global competiveness in preserving the environment.

After being started in the year 2000, Yujincometal made it top priority to keep up with the customer demand, and they also continue to work on their management  for customer satisfaction and racing ahead of today's fast-changing world. If you need more specific details, you can visit www.yujincometal.com for more information.

YUJINCO METAL Co., Ltd. has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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