Stay Efficient Safe and Fun with ESTSoft
Stay Efficient Safe and Fun with ESTSoft
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Kim Jang-joong, CEO of ESTsoft

In almost every computer in Korea, you can probably see the zip program Alzip installed. Its maker, ESTsoft, is one of the leading software companies in Korea hitting the record of 29 billion won (US$25.1 million) in sales, 400 employees, and a place in KOSDAQ as of 2010. As a company that deals with zip programs, anti-virus software, and online computer games, it most certainly is diverse in its activities.

ALYac-The Fast and Light Security Software

ALYac has been the nation's most used anti-virus program since its release in 2007 with 17 million users. With its high detection rate, light resource use, and easy access, it is no wonder that almost a quarter of the country uses this tried-and-true software. ALYac utilizes a collaboration of the Terra, Bitdefender, and Sophos engine to protect user PCs from malicious code, and uses Smart Scan Technology to lower system load to a minimum while maintaining maximum scan speed. Most programs can be used with ALYac running in the background without any loss of speed. Additionally an false positive verification system is implemented and running to minimize false positive, or an erroneous detections, as well as an emergency operations and technical support team staffed by security professionals to aid users. It also has USB auto-scanning to defend against malicious code and a self defense system which repels code and programs that attack anti-virus software. Additional feature provided by ALYac 2.5 corporate version is a firewall that protects the system from network intrusion. ALYac 2.5 received the international Checkmark certification recently, which is expected to expand ESTsoft's business in global market.


"The ALTools family of PC utilities features everything you need to make the most out of your computing experience- for file viewing, transferring, and for value-added web services," CEO Kim Jang-joong introduced. How does ALTools have something for everyone
ALZip- File Compression Program
ALZip supports more archive and compression formats than any other major compression utility with 40 formats.
ALSee- Picture Viewer and Digital Photo Editor
The ALSee picture viewer lets users view pictures in all popular image formats. Photo editing, Slide shows, background music, an online photo printing service, and mobile picture services make ALSee ideal for users of all ages with different levels of skills.
ALFTP- FTP Client & Server

ALFTP is an easy-to-use FTP program that allows users to quickly transfer files. This powerful software also allows users to share their own files right off their own computers.
ALShow- Free Video Player
ALShow lets users to view movies and videos quick and easy without the fuss of searching for codecs. What makes this software extraordinary is its automatic updater feature that identifies the unfound codecs in a computer.

ALSong - Free Music Player
password manager ALSong- a sensational MP3 player- lets the users to view lyrics that are synchronized along with the music, and its ring-tone store lets you update your phone with music to suit your personal style. Built-in codecs simplify its usage, making it ideal for people who care more about music than technology. 


ALPass- Online
ALPass has an elephant's memory. By remembering all logins and passwords accessed websites, ALPass enables simple logins for users. Importing and exporting databases lets users move their website logins to different computers easily and securely.
ALToolbar, ALBack, ALShopping

ESTsoft presents a solution for user-oriented internet environment. ALToolbar gives its users an automatic login feature as well as mouse action feature, which gives a full control of the browers with a usage of a mouse only.

ALBack suggests that computer can be fragile, but it can never be broken. Should any form of virus, malicious code, or Windows errors occur, ALBack restores the entire C drive to the post-attack stage in the fastest and the safest manner.

ALShopping is an application that compares the price of  the same items online including fashion accessories, clothings, jewerly, furniture, and more. Users can connect to the shopping mall online and take a full advantage of ALShopping's automatic price comparison program.
ESTsoft overseas

Out of all solutions, ESTsoft is nominated top thirty software company with its top line solution, ALYac. In 2011, ESTsoft sought to release both the PC and Android versions of ALYac overseas, announcing official expansion into the world market.
ESTsoft opened the ALYac Southeast Asia website this May and released the English version of ALYac and ALYac Android. This follows the creation of a US corporate firm in July of last year which paved way for online and offline software distributors to enter the US market. ALYac is currently released for private and corporate use while the individual version is further divided into an ad-free paid version and an ad-sponsored free version. ESTsoft has gained popularity through distributing free computer vaccines in the domestic market, and is planning to use the same marketing campaign in the US as well.

With over 17 million domestic users as well as expansion in the corporate market, ESTsoft has already proved ALYac's stability and anti-virus function. Entering the global stage means that much variety of codes to defend against, and ALYac is expected to rise up to the challenge with its powerful 3-engine anti-virus.

"Our vision is Company that Enhances the Life Quality. Our employees are working hard to provide you with innovative software. With consumer satisfaction and moral profit made by continuous research and development, we will keep on working to become a trustworthy and respected company for the society," CEO of ESTsoft, Kim Jang-joong said.


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