Incheon Boasts of Best Conditions to Build Ubiquitous City
Incheon Boasts of Best Conditions to Build Ubiquitous City
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Optimism about Ubiquitous Korea Prevails In constructing a ubiquitous city, the most important thing for the nation is the government firm will to achieve the goal,ee Sang-chul, chairman of the Ubiquitous City Construction Advisory Committee said, adding that if the government will is obvious, everything will be possible. First of all, he is optimistic about the future of Ubiquitous Korea, saying that Korea is equipped with telecommunication four important xes users, services, infrastructure and terminals. Now that these four axes are the strongest in the world, he noted that Korea is the most appropriate place to construct ubiquitous environment. Regarding these four axes in the telecommunication field, he elaborated on as follows: First, in terms of infrastructure side, Korea holds the No.1 position in broadband penetration. Korea cellular phone service is the first in the world and Korea also makes the best terminals in the world. The chairman added that because Korea has users with the most adaptability and takes the lead in terms of these four axes, he is confident that Korea is the best place to create a new ubiquitous city However, he pointed out that there is no clear definition about position of the Free Economic Zones in Korea. Furthermore, he indicated that Incheon hasn any superior elements to Singapore or Shanghai in terms of a logistics hub or government regulations or legal support. Because Incheon is an area that is built on reclaimed foreshore from the sea, the city has the best condition to create environment for new ubiquitous city, he said. A ubiquitous service that can offer all services without restrictions of time and space could be the most powerful weapon for Incheon to compete with other Free Economic Zones in Asia, Lee said. The chairman said that domestic Free Economic Zones including the Busan and Jinhae Free Economic Zones and the Gwangyang Free Economic Zone have to show a blueprint with any superior edge than free economic zones in foreign competitors. In this regard, Chairman Lee has been responsible for the Ubiquitous City Construction Advisory Committee of the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority from 2004. He concluded once more by emphasizing that a ubiquitous-intelligent city can be built in Incheon better than any other city in the world because Incheon is a city that was built on reclaimed foreshore from the sea, allowing such a factor to function as the largest weapon for Incheon to compete with other competing nations free economic zones. For the success of the free economic zones on a long-term basis, the chairman noted that first, the government mind has to concentrate on what supports are needed or what direction local autonomous entities have to take to make the best free economic zones possible so that foreign companies can do business satisfactory. The Incheon Free Economic Zone Ubiquitous City Construction Advisory Committee consists of 16 people and will be operated until the completion of the ubiquitous city construction. Its mission is to establish an informatization strategy as well as an overall direction.

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