Recommended Travel Spots for February
Recommended Travel Spots for February
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Latin American Cultural Center Annex Museum
A scent of culture in the winter wind; healthy and educational winter family trip; fresh smell of soil warming your heart; seagull, sunset, and the west sea are recommended as the themes for February. The destinations for each theme are Latin American Cultural Center Annex Museum and Cheong-am Folk Museum, Goosipo Beach and Dolmen Group Site in Gochang Jeonbuk, To-am Ceramic Park in Gijang Busan, and Ganghwa Seokmodo Island. Inquiry: KNTO Planning and Coordination Team, Kim Mina (tel.+82-2-729-9466, * Cultural breeze blows in with the winter wind - the Latin American Cultural Center Annex Museum and Cheong-am Folk Museum Location: Latin American Cultural Center Annex Museum (302-1 Goyang-dong, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-\si, Gyeonggi-do) Cheong-am Folk Museum (36-3 Ilyoung-ri, Jangheung-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do) The February winter brings fresh air along with the harsh and cold wind. This may be a good weather to visit nearby unique museums with your children on spring break or hand in hand with loved ones. Head to the Latin American Cultural Center Annex Museum in Goyang-si Gyeonggi-do, full of foreign clay dolls and earthenware, or the Cheong-am Folk Museum in Jangheung-myeon Yangju-gun Gyeonggi-do where Korean traditional materials of the old are stored and displayed the way they were made. Inquiry: Latin American Cultural Center Annex Museum (tel.+82-31-962-9291) Cheong-am Folk Museum (tel.+82-31-855-5220) * Healthy and educational winter family trip - Goosipo Seawater World Location: Goosipo Beach, Sang-ha-myeon, Gochang-gun, Jeonbuk Regain family health and love by enjoying seawater bath at Goosipo Seawater World, known as Gochangs popular tourist site. Seawater bath is recently gaining popularity due to its positive effect on health care and skin care, which is caused by the seawaters excellent osmotic pressure that helps the circulation of blood throughout the whole body. If one can spare two days, visit Gochangs tourist sites in the order of Seonunsa Temple (by exiting at Seonunsa I.C. from Seohaean Expressway No.15) - Midang Poem and Culture Center - Goosipo seawater bath (stay one night) - Gochang Dolmen Group - Gochang Eupsong Fortress - Pansori Museum. Gochang is the home of the Dolmen Group Site preserved in its original forms and scattered here and there, the Seonunsa Temple situated in the tranquil snowy mountain, and the Pansori Museum. One can also ask for guides since cultural heritage guides are working as volunteers in each major tourist site. Do not miss Gochangs delicacies such as Bokbunjaju (liquor) and Puncheon eel Inquiry: Gochang-gun Office Culture and Tourism Bureau (tel.+82-63-560-2227) Goosipo Seawater World (tel.+82-63-561-3323) * Fresh smell of soil warming your heart - To-am Ceramic Park Location: 521-1 Daebyeon-ri, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan Gijang-gun, the City of Morning, is a hidden gem for tourist - it is a rare county full of various attractions and specialties. To-am Ceramic Park portrays Dr. To-am Seo Tawons superhuman artistic spirit - it exhibits 2002 clay dolls with open heads and bottoms and that have no ears. It is a unique place that awakens the meaning of life and whispers quietly to let go of ones complicated greed and worries. Also, at Yonggungsa Temple, which is situated at the seaside of the blue East Sea, you can feel the romance and serenity quite different from other temples located deep in the mountains. Sirangdae and Gijang Hyanggyo (Confucian shrine-school) are also Gijangs properties where one can follow the footprints of the great poets and feel the scent of tradition. Inquiry: Gijang-gun Office Culture and Tourism Bureau (tel.+82-51-720-5061) To-am Ceramic Park (tel.+82-51-721-2231)

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