The Launch of the Mobile Multimedia Era: the Year's Hottest Potato
The Launch of the Mobile Multimedia Era: the Year's Hottest Potato
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As the hottest issue of this year, mobile multimedia technologies are likely to be the subject of much discussion. Without doubt, this is the year of mobile multimedia. Hard on the heels of the launch of the MP3 cellular phone download service last year, will soon come next-generation services such as DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), WCDMA and WiBro. Competition for supremacy in 3G cellular phones is likely to be the preoccupation of the WCDMA phone market, gauged at some 37.16 million phones. The three big cellular phone manufacturers Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Pantech - are putting their shirts on making it big in the next-generation 3G terminal business. Along with DMB as well as WiBro, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) commercialization an important element of the IT 839 Strategy seems to be emerging as the main driver of new growth engine industries in 2005. What's more, Digital TV (DTV) will begin in 2005, another step in the evolution of this revolutionary medium, following the commencement of services in the 1930s, its popularization in the 1950s, and the arrival of color TV in the 1960s and 1970s. This can only be good news for Sony, which has established itself as a frontrunner in the DTV market. The direction of exchange rates is causing concern in corporate offices because of their potential to impact on exports. Company management fears a further strengthening of the won against the dollar will price locally produced goods out of export markets, so undermining Korea's biggest hope for economic recovery. The steep decline in the value of the dollar, plus international oil and raw material price increases are fueling uneasiness about the health of the economy.. On the industrial front, merger and acquisition (M&A) is likely to be by far and away the prime topic of conversation in the IT industry this year. IT apart, the fortunes of business worldwide seems to move in tandem with M&A "waves." Observers are anticipating a second venture boom. As the technology heavy Kosdaq market continues its rally and the government assistance to the sector has found its second wind, ventures that fell into the nether world owing to the collapse of the IT bubble and intense business downturn feel at last that things are looking up. The government's IT New Deal policy is also an attempt to break the vicious circle of recession by promoting facility investment in the industry. This year's chief twin policy goals of the Participatory Government of President Roh Moo-hyun are boosting business and job creation. This is in the form of preparation for another policy goal jacking up per capita gross domestic product (GDP) to the $20,000 level. An environmentally-friendly approach is something that all management will have to adopt in view of the welter of environmental regulations now besetting the manufacturing sector. Among other issues, autonomous regulation by Web site and servers operators for a safe and dynamic Internet environment is emerging as a core issue for this particular business in 2005.

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