Resistors: 20 years and going
Resistors: 20 years and going
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Resistors are common elements of electrical networks and electronic circuits and are ubiquitous in most electronic equipment.

After 20 year RARA's continues to make solid, steady progress as a high power resistor manufacturer. They credit their success to being committed to the production of high quality products, an ongoing R&D program, unparalleled customer service, a conscientious attitude toward the environment, and a positive work place for their employees. They also have R&D center to provide custom design service and technical support.

RARA Electronics Corporation manufactures metal clad, wire wound, high power resistors that are flexible, durable and conform to international materials specifications such as RoHS and WEEE. They produce a range of resistors from those able to 60W to those capable of taking 2800W. The wire wound element configurations can absorb large amounts of pulsed power with safety. These models come with an aluminum case, which adds durability and enhances hear conduction away from the components.

 There are several case configurations to suit application needs. Configurations incude: Vertical, horizontal, flat and narrow. Models come standard with "easy attachment" tab terminals. Flying leads and "L" terminals are also an option. Other options include non-inductive windings and thermostat installation. RARA's resistor range can handle any high power need. We also specialize in designing products for difficult applications.



In addition RARA has a line shunt resistors originally designed as custom orders and therefore are available in a wide selection of sizes, packages and power ratings that range from one to one thousand amps. Some standard applications for these units are: Battery Management systems, ECU, ABS, EPs of Automobiles, Electricity Meter, Panel Meters, BLDC Motor Drives, AC/DC Motor controllers


Since 2008 they have been supplying shunt resistors that can handle massive power ratings of 100 up to 1000A. These were designed primarily for the testing and design of electric vehicles.

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