Quality products from Hankook Latex
Quality products from Hankook Latex
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SEOUL, KOREA --- If one was to create a catch phrase for the last 60 years “plastic world, latex body” might be fitting, as plastic integrated itself in every application imaginable and people began to navigate the physical world behind a latex barrier as concerns for health, and an effort to prevent disease began to be come more widespread. Whether at the hospital, while cleaning, or in the bedroom many people choose to protect themselves with latex.


 In 1973, Hankook Latex was the first latex company to be registered to manufacture medical supplies. Since their founding, we have become an industry leader and have upheld a reputation in domestic and foreign markets for our superior products and professional management.

 Hankook Latex’s most pivotal year proved to be in 1989. In this year, the Korean Standards Association awarded them with the KSM 6632 certificate for complying with all manufacturing standards. In the same year, they acquired the NF Mark from France, the Kitemark from the British Standard Institute (BSI), and had the U.S. FDA inspect their facilities in Korea.  After the inspection, they later received the FDA510 (K) in March 1990. 

 The major products from Hankook Latex are condoms, finger cots and latex tubing. Condoms fall into the medical category, and are used as contraception and also to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

 Their condoms are created under the strict accordance of the GMP certificate issued by the Korean Food and Drug Administration and other international standards such as WHO, ISO, CE0434, ASTM, CCC and the FDA 501(K).  And come in various types including plain, ribbed, dotted, ultra thin, and contour, and also various colors and flavors to meet the many needs of different people.

 The finger cots are produced for industrial use, many in the technological sector.  They come in four sizes (small, medium, large, and x-large) and there are many different types that meet certain standards of cleanness for specific industrial sectors. 

 Presently, the annual production capacity of Hankook Latex is 2.8 million gross (1 gross = 144 pieces) for condoms, 7.98 million gross for finger cots, and 75,000 kg of latex tubing. Their products have a vast customer base spanning 60 different countries.  Some of their biggest customers reside in Central and South America, and the USA.

With global success, Hankook Latex has had to expand in order to uphold customer satisfaction.  In 1989, Calapro Inc. (finger cots) and Calatex Inc. (condoms) were created in the USA in order to meet the demands of the US market.  In 1996, Hankook Latex Private Limited was created in the state of Kerala, India.  But it wasn’t until 2006, that Hankook Latex invested millions of dollars to create a grand manufacturing plant in the Rubber Park industrial complex near Cochin, India.  This state of the art factory will help meet the growing demand for these products worldwide.  In a truly global economy, Hankook Latex has implemented the necessary steps to grow and become a leader in latex products worldwide.  This company strives to provide quality latex products for the betterment of people everywhere.

Hankook Latex has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010



















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