Circuit Breaker – Electrical Overcurrent Protection Device
Circuit Breaker – Electrical Overcurrent Protection Device
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Vacuum circuit breakers

Imagine winds knocking down power lines in front of the house next door, but you could still comfortably read a book in your living room. How could it be possible The solution is a breaker that prevents blackouts from spreading to neighboring homes. Without it, the entire region would be left in the dark. The same can be applied to the industrial sector. If there was a power overload at power plants or construction facilities, the damage would be much greater. To prevent such an accident from occurring, circuit breakers are installed in every plant. Vitzrotech is the first launching company to develop Vaccum Circuit Breakers in Korea as a pioneer in the field of VCB industry in 1981.  

VCB (Vacuum circuit breakers), Vitzrotech’s flagship products are well-known for its compact and reliable design. It features broad ranges of rated voltage (up to 38Kv 40kA), easy maintenance, convenient inspection and long life. International certifications including CESI, KEMA and PLN guarantee worldwide application. It was also tested according to Izc 60056 and ANSIC 37. Vacuum Interrupters are the core parts of VCB. They are manufactured by Vitzrotech and supplied to many global companies. They use fine-alumina ceramic insulation to maintain the superior mechanical strength. Cu-Cr contacts of the spiral type assure excellent voltage withstand properties and breaking capacities. All surface contamination of the vacuum interrupter parts must be removed before being assembled in a clean room. Since hermetical seal is produced in a high vacuum furnace, complete degassing treatment is possible. Thus a high vacuum degree can be maintained for a long time.

“Vitzrotech plans to expand its business globally and has already started shipping its products to more than 20 countries including the U.S.A., Asia, Middle East and Europe. Also, beyond selling abroad, it also initiated local production and technical cooperation from Iran and Azerbaijan. This year, the company’s goal is to top 90 million USD in total sales and 45 million USD in the special business sector,” the company said. 



Vitzrotech has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010.

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