Significance of the Daedeok R&D Special Zone Launch
Significance of the Daedeok R&D Special Zone Launch
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Shaping Up to be a Growth Engine of the National Economy On the occasion of the official Daedeok R&D Special Zone Launch, the Korea IT Times delves into the Daedeok R&D Special Zone in two special surveys. In this issue, the first part of the series, we deal with the significance of the Zone's Launch, foreign IT R&D cluster nurturing policy, goals set for Daedeok R&D Zone, and the development direction of the Daedeok R&D Special Zone. In next month's issue, we will be featuring interviews with the Mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan City, new CEO of the Daedeok R&D Special Zone, presidents of the prominent Daedeok-based universities to offer human power as well as of successful venture start-ups, and a host of analysis articles regarding the development outlook of the Zone. ...ED.
The significance of the Daedeok Valley launching ceremony lies in the fact that it is fully backed by the government, including the Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST) The associated local autonomous entities and institutions want to present the future-oriented direction of Daedeok R&D Valley as a think tank. Daedeok Valley is thus expected to play a vital role as a growth engine of the national economy to spearhead the development of the knowledge/informatization society in the 21st century. The Daedeok R&D special zone is considered to perfectly meet the requirements as a future center of the global technology industry, not to mention Asia, by resolving in advance potential problems like parameters or other issues that Silicon Valley or venture complexes of Japan and Taiwan are faced with. Therefore, the persons concerned in the Daedeok R&D special zone say that the Daedeok Techno Valley, to be completed in five stages by 2007, has raised expectations as a future leading partner to open the Asian era of technology industry based on expertise from here at home and abroad, with a scientific city concept transcending even the parameters set by Silicon Valley, with its self-sufficient facility disposition, environmentally-friendly valley formation and so forth. From this point of view, the Daedeok R&D special zone offers the advantages of an optimal location as a condition for venture start-ups with convenient transportation access and diverse support facilities dedicated to fostering venture startups, plus various resident support programs, as well as moderate selling prices of lots and tax benefits. Moreover, for the city to nurture IT, BT, NT etc. in order of priority, a base to forge a cutting-edge garden city in which the residential facilities, tourism, culture, traffic and environment are harmonized to provide a globally competitive base to drive forward Daedeok Valley's internationalization offers bright prospects for the development potential of this special zone. The intention of designating the Daedeok R&D special zone is first of all to help realize the government's goal of achieving per capita GDP of $20,000, as well as transforming Korea into an economic hub of Northeast Asia, and promoting Korea's global competitiveness with the development of a national R&D innovation system. Furthermore, the Daedeok R&D special zone can be a major impetus to luring worldclass foreign laboratories or companies by expanding corporate benefits and incentives within the special zone and activating business activity of a globally competitive standard. MOST also aims to nurture Daedeok as one of the world's leading R&D innovation clusters within 10 years, and as a growth engine of technologically-advanced Korea with a view to nurturing 1,500 technology start-ups by 2015. To ensure the realization of this future vision, the persons concerned at the Daedeok R&D special zone and the Daejeon citizenry are eagerly awaiting the selection and appointment of the CEO of the special zone support headquarters so that the organization's establishment can be finalized soon.

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