InBody – Keeps you fit
InBody – Keeps you fit
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Inbody 720

Today, with a rise in the standard of living, the interest in the quality of life has also increased. In particular, obesity is a health issue that has attracted great attention recently as many consider it the root of various health problems. Until now, most believed that obesity could be treated by simply losing weight. However, with the development of InBody, the body composition analyzer, people began to realize that obesity can be prevented with the control of body fat. InBody, developed by Biospace, is the world’s first body composition analysis device that provides an easy and accurate analysis for people to identify the condition of their body.

For professional analysis

InBody 720 for professional analysis provides diverse data useful for all kinds of medical treatment. The Edema index shows the water balance and assesses the medical condition, nutritional deficiency and fatigue. It is known for accuracy and a high correlation coefficient of 0.98 with DEXA, the standard equipment for body composition analysis. It has high reproducibility through the world’s first 8-point tactile electrode method. This device can be used for various purposes including body composition, exercise, nutrition, and body type. Outputs include Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat Percentage, Waist-Hip Ratio (WHR), Segmental Muscle Mass, Edema Index, and a section area of intestinal fat (growth curve for children under 18 years). Its quality and accuracy was proven, and received approval by the US FDA and by other authorities in many countries including Japan.

For personal use

Inbody R20

With technological know-how and competitiveness in professional analysis, Biospace made its mark in the market where Japanese firms mostly dominated. “I am confident we will quickly catch up since Korea, I believe, is superior to other countries in terms of programs utilizing web and smart applications,” the CEO said. It boosts high performance with professional analysis based on DSM (Direct Segmental Multi-frequency) BIA technology. The portable device is simple and easy to use, and data can conveniently be transferred to PC via USD cable or Bluetooth. Languages are available in 6 languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

In terms of Inbody for professional analysis, Biospace ranks first holding over half of the global market shares for many years. Sales for personal use have also been rapidly growing recently. The company’s total overseas sales reached 10 million dollars last year. Its top exporting countries are Europe and South America followed by Japan, the U.S., China, and Asia. “I believe we can create added value only with technological advantages.” Currently, its R&D employees represent over 30 percent of the total, and around 15 percent of sales are invested in R&D every year. “We will continue to lead the industry with sustained investment in technological development,” he emphasized. 

For more information, you can visit

Biospace has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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