When Color Sorters Met Korea IT Technology: NANTA Color Sorter Series
When Color Sorters Met Korea IT Technology: NANTA Color Sorter Series
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Grain Drying System

The location was China. With keen attention from local buyers, it was the ultimate test for DAEWON GSI’s color sorter. The test was to sort gourd seeds, mung beans, red beans, etc. These are considered to be the toughest grains to filter.

Korea’ Largest Manufacturer for Grain Processing Machinery

Since 2000, DAEWON GSI (Global System Integration) has been revered as Korea’s largest manufacturer and has dominated the international agricultural industry with their IT machinery. They introduced Korea’s first color sorter in 1991.In 2010, DAEWON GSI’s exported to 20 countries and grossed USD 30 million.

Mr. Seo shows his confidence by stating, “Our top-notch agricultural machines employ Korea’s world class IT technology and are in high demand globally.” He continues, “It has an advantage in price and technology and is certainly ready to take the No.1 position in the international market.” DAEWON GSI concentrates on overseas markets, which takes over 75% out of total sales.

Bi-Chromatic Technology

Recently, this company came up with their own color sorter that uses the world’s best Bio-Chromatic camera. This technology is possible when two CCDs (Charged-couple Device) combine to work on analyzing and sorting based on two color signals.

NANTA Series_Color Sorter

CEO Mr. Seo, Yong Kyu explains “Our Bi-Chromatic Technology can exceptionally sort out minor grains and seeds in the mix.  They appear with various colors which indicate that such grains are either immature or discolored due to long term storage. “

Other than DAEWON GSI’s color sorter brand products, NANTA series, there are other plant systems such as grain drying, rice and wheat processing, and mini rice plants. Also, to promote environmental friendliness, they offer chaff carbonizing system, chaff expanding system, and bran pelleter. You can find more information at http://www.daewon.com

Daewon GSI has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009.

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