Three Generations of Craftsmanship: AMI Industry’s Dr.Med
Three Generations of Craftsmanship: AMI Industry’s Dr.Med
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Care Low Back Product

The Cost of Quality

For the past 50 years, three generations of father-to-son tradition has strengthened by focusing on one service for our customers. The AMI Industry, founded in 1965, specialized in medical braces & orthotics for orthopedics, sports and rehabilitation.

General Manager Mr. Min Hyuk, Ryu explains his family’s decades-long craftsmanship, “My father always sticks with the saying ‘quality must come first. One must not trade it for its cost, and all of our employees are working with this mindset.”

He continues by saying “my grandfather founded the AMI Industry with this philosophy in mind. Since then, it has been passed from generation to generation and has been the core value of our small but successful manufacturing operation.”

CEO Mr. Sil Geun, Ryu fondly recalls, “Just like a celebrity, my father was well known and famous for his ‘craftsmanship’ in the community. He passed away suddenly in 1983, leaving his tiny crutch-making business. Every time I thought about quitting the business, I always remembered him sitting right in front of me crafting another creation.”

Care Knee Product

AMI Industry’s Dr.Med

Years later, his hard work paid off. His business settled and grew in volume. There came a turning point when he introduced a new brand “Dr. Med.” Since aluminum crutches were quickly replacing wooden models in the market, it was the opportune time for AMI Industry to shine. Its working philosophy, minute-precision and craftsmanship put its new product line on everyone’s list for its high quality and performance.

Dr.Med’s medical supports and orthotics preserve and restore the health for a speedy recovery.  For better quality and innovative products, the AMI Industry focuses on building anatomical structures and creating a new material. Currently, Dr. Med is sold in more than 40 countries around the world.

Mr. M.H. Ryu concludes “The AMI Industry has never been about being ‘hasty‘ but ‘honesty’ throughout three generations. The same spirit and business will go for 100 years and more. I promise I will make it happen. For more information, you can visit


AMI Industry has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009. 

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