Samsung SDS Advances into the Middle East with the DSC
Samsung SDS Advances into the Middle East with the DSC
  • Lee Hyeong-jin
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SEOUL, KOREA – Samsung SDS is advancing into the Middle East with the DSC (Digital Space Convergence) business experience that has been applied to entities such as major domestic universities and museums.

Saudi Aramco

Samsung SDS has announced on 7th May that they will be participating in the Saudi Aramco's King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture’s DSC business. The Center's project includes three parts: Building, IT and Exhibits. Samsung SDS is participating in the IT package. Samsung SDS - with experience in the DSC business, including its work in the National Museum of Korea and such universities as Yonsei and Myongji, - finds significance in the fact that it is the first domestic big business to advance into the Global DSC business market. Samsung SDS has previously won a contract for consultation and design(FEED) in 2010, and has won a contract for the IT package from development to system management in a competition among many Global IT Service Corporations.

DSC is a part of a “Smart Convergence Business Model” and is a growing field of Cutting edge IT technology and design of Digital Devices in Physical Spaces, Wired and Wireless Networks, and Software expanding into areas such as libraries, exhibitions, museums and multiplex shopping malls.

Unlike other companies that design and develop country and business information systems primarily on-site, Samsung SDS develops the systems such as the Smart Library and Distance Education, and designs IT Exhibits such as concert halls and movie theaters domestically, with only the actual building stage being handled on-site. They have emphasized that this project is the first time an “Advanced IT Business Model” has been applied that reduces both construction time and business risk.

By winning this contract, Samsung SDS has strengthened its global commerce and has come one step closer to achieving this year's goal of making 30% of its total sales in the global market.

Meanwhile, according to Samsung SDS, when a video of the Yonsei University Digital Library system built by the company was posted on YouTube, European university showed interest and inquired about the system.

Executive Vice President Andrew H. Chang of Global Business Division of Samsung SDS has said, “This project is significant in that it is exporting overseas the business credibility that has been gained domestically. Saudi Aramco‘s recognition of Samsung SDS’s competence is a result of the successes of the previous consultation and design projects and the credibility gained through it.

Through this project, we are planning to both expand our business with Saudi Aramco and our overseas business opportunities, which will include Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and eventually to the rest of the world.”

On the other hand, Samsung SDS is driving convergence business as a company’s new growth strategy through ECS (Engineering & Convergence Services), involving SIE (Smart Infrastructure Engineering) & DSC where business value is created by converging products & services with IT technology.

SIE(Smart Infrastructure Engineering) is a suite of service that improves a customer’s operational efficiency and productivity and improves the safety and increases the convenience of services for users by applying intelligent, cutting edge information and communication technologies (ICT) to existing infrastructures.

Saudi Aramco

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture is being built In the City of Dhahran, in commemoration of Saudi Aramco‘s 75th anniversary. The Center’s mission is to make a tangible and positive impact on human development, inspiring a passion for knowledge, creativity and cross-cultural engagement. The key facilities include: libraries, museums, exhibitions, the great hall, multimedia theaters, children's education spaces, continuing education tower, a plaza and a media lounge.

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