Clover Co. Ltd.: Providing Innovative Water Performance for the Work Place
Clover Co. Ltd.: Providing Innovative Water Performance for the Work Place
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Bottled Water

Standing around the water cooler has always been a place for employees within a work place to socialize and help give themselves a break from the stresses of their job. When people drink the water, they want the highest quality available. Since the company was founded in 1993, Clover Co. Ltd., has been providing specialized water dispensers to fit a variety of needs. With more than 22 years of experience in the field, the Clover brand has come to be renowned as a household name in the water dispenser industry. Clover pride themselves on focusing on three underlying principles, namely quality of products, sincerity in service, and growth, and uses these daily to provide the highest quality products available.


Bottled Water Coolers

For customers who desire a bottled water cooler, they need look no further than Clover’s B14A/B14B models. The top and front panels of this system are molded out of ABS, and the side panels feature electric zinc coated steels. The faucets are comprised of durable polypropylene of the self-closing style, designed for ease of operation.  The drip receptacle is of a concealed, lift out design composed of a durable ABS. The thermostat itself is adjustable to a range of 2 – 12 degrees Celsius depending on personal preference. When the customer desires hot water, a stainless steel hot water tank offers hot water from a controlled thermostat of up to 85 degrees Celsius. It features a hygienic stainless steel cold water tank as the storage device. The B14A/B14B is available in a range of pleasant colors including off white, dark gray, and wine red.


Point of Use Water Coolers

A customer who seeks a water dispenser in the non-bottled water cooler variety may be interested in Clover’s D14A/D14B Point of Use Water Coolers. The technical specifications of the D14A/D14B are similar to the Bottled Water Cooler models in terms of panel composition, faucets and drip trays. The temperature of this model is controlled by a thermostat from 4 – 10 degrees Celsius, which is easily accessible on the back of the unit. The D14A also features a hot water tank with thermostat allowing for control to nearly 85 degrees Celsius via an automatic hot water ON/OFF switch also located in the back. The D14A/D14B is also available in the three color options of the B14A/B14B to suit customer desires.

Point of Use


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Clover has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010. 


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