ST WiDE: Pioneer in LED Lighting
ST WiDE: Pioneer in LED Lighting
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With energy demand experiencing rapid growth nowadays, lighting is undeniably an area which requires improvement. To date, fluorescent light bulbs have been a popular option as a power-efficient lighting. However, as their hazardous substances such as mercury cause environmental and health concerns, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps are beginning to come to the fore as the most eco-friendly, energy efficient lighting solution.

ST WiDE Co. Ltd, established in 2004, is specialized in developing and producing various LED products for signs, interior design, decorative lighting, landscape lighting and exhibition lighting.


LED Modules

Main Products

LED Module

ST WiDE’s LED Module is comprised of a high-brightness and high-density LED, a new generation of light source which offers various benefits such as low power consumption, simple establishment and wide range of applicability. ST WiDE LED Module is optimized for channel sign lightings and interior lightings.


LED Fluorescent Lamp

ST WiDE LED fluorescent lamps are an eco-friendly and economical lighting alternative, a substitute for conventional incandescent or fluorescent lamps. By using these lights, users can experience up to 50% savings in lighting costs. In addition, the lifespan of ST WiDE LED lamps are eight times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps, thereby significantly reducing the maintenance cost. ST WiDE LED lamps are optimized for lighting residential spaces, offices, factories, tunnels, underground parking lots, hospitals and shopping centers.

LED Fluorescent Lamp



ST WiDE LED Bars are the ideal solution for exterior lighting and stage lighting as they offer the versatility of optical selections and upgradable LED light modules to meet different lighting requirements. They provide improved illumination performance, consume less energy, and require less maintenance than traditional lighting solutions.


Expanding into Global Markets

As a result of consistent research and development, ST WiDE has constructed excellent environmental and quality management systems certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Now, ST WiDE is exporting its high-tech lighting products to overseas markets including America, Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia based on the principles of excellent customer service and price competitiveness. All of these achievements would not have been possible if it was not for ST WiDE’s philosophy that their priority is to enrich the quality of customers’ life. Aiming to become the leading global LED manufacturer, ST WiDE will spare no efforts to continually reinvent itself.

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ST WiDE has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009. 

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