Daesung Toys : Creating Play Culture for Children
Daesung Toys : Creating Play Culture for Children
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Parents these days are often tempted to sit their child down in front of TV to watch entertaining DVDs or kid-friendly shows. If you are parents, however, you are obliged to decide what is best for the future of your children. Rather than letting the child watch TV all day long, you should provide the child something that is fun and safe, as well as educational. Toys are the answer for the parents who are seeking entertainment for their children rather than TV.

Creating Toys with Educational Effects

Established in 1974, Daesung Toys have been creating and shaping children’s play culture for the past 40 years. Daesung Toys, a winner of various awards and certifications including the Korea World-Class Product Award, produces toys 100% within Korea, with an exception of a few electronic components. Also, the company achieved international safety standards, including CE (EU), ASTM (USA), ST (Japan), attesting its safety and educational effect. Daesung Toys’ main products are Motor Series (friction-driven plastic vehicles) and BingBing Block Series. BingBing Block in particular has received good feedback from overseas consumers. It is supplied to large retailers such as Costco and Target, and sold on US QVC home shopping.

Motor Series (Friction-Powered Plastic Cars)

Daesung Toys: Vehicle Toys

Motor Series are manufactured with features which model those found in real cars. Various types of cars with real car-like functions in the Motor Series line are fascinating enough to capture children’s mind. Another feature of Motor Series to maintain the child’s interest is friction power. When the child pushes the back wheels of the car backwards against the floor and releases the car, the car runs on the unwinding power of the drive spring which has been wound.

BingBing Block Series (Moving block)

Daesung Toys : Building Block

BingBing Block Series have interesting shapes and colors. Also, they are easy to assemble. Unlike the existing blocks which are merely built up, children can move what they have assembled using a lever or button. In doing so, children can learn the geometric structure of gears and mathematical kinetic principles in a natural setting. The BingBing Block Series are known for its educational effect. They have gained many international awards including ‘Best Toy Award,’ and ‘Dr. Toy Winner.’

DAESUNGTOYS has been awarded the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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