Double V, the World’s First Smartphone Walkie-talkie Hybrid
Double V, the World’s First Smartphone Walkie-talkie Hybrid
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Double V

SEOUL, KOREA — On July 4, KTpowertel, a trunked radio system (TRS) affiliate of KT Group, unveiled “Double V,” the world’s first smartphone that is packed with walkie-talkie functions. KTpowertel’s such move draws attention because it came amidst drastic changes in the domestic mobile phone market, where more than half of the Korean mobile subscribers use smartphones. Android-based Double V takes advantage of convergence technologies to support TRS-based nationwide wireless communications, 3G mobile communications, and data services. As well as this, Double V is the world’s first smartphone which can tap into iDEN-based (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) TRS networks and 3G mobile communications networks simultaneously.

Double V, developed by Motorola, comes with a PTT (Push to Talk) button on the side that allows an individual to reach an active talk group (up to 100,000 persons) with a single push of the button. Also, the smartphone Double V offers android-based smartphone services such as voice calls, data services, and a myriad of applications. Dual-band, dual-mode smartphone “Double V” indeed furnishes special functions that previous smartphones were unable to deliver. Double V offers true communications flexibility with support for both iDEN and 3G networks in one device. Beside, Double V meets the needs of KTpowertel subscribers, especially those working for go-between businesses as Double V allows users to make TRS wireless calls while watching video clips posted on YouTube via Wi-Fi networks.

Dr. Lee Sang-hong, CEO and President of KTpowertel, said, “Double V is expected to chart new territory in the business segment of the global mobile communications market thanks to its convergence services that combine TRS nationwide wireless communications with the convenience of a smartphone. 100,000 Double Vs have already been ordered by KTpowertel, of which 300,000 units are projected to be sold within this year.”

In pushing the Double V forward, KTpowertel is looking to create more demand in freight, transportation and distribution sectors, mainly targeting facilities management corporations, ex post facto management, and inspection service providers.

Hospitals, travel agencies, security and bodyguard service companies, transaction businesses and insurance companies will also be KTpowertel’s target group as they require wireless communications services. In addition, Double V is anticipated to make a significant contribution to the Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s project to build a national disaster wireless communications network.

Dr. Lee Sang-hong, CEO and President of KTpowertel

With the launch of Double V, KTpowertel aims to venture into the business-to-customer (B2C) market while continuing to strengthen its main customer base (the B2B market). To that end, KTpowertel will make a pitch to a variety of social clubs such as bicycle and motor cycle clubs in an attempt to popularize Double V. CEO Lee said, “Our marketing activities will expand into new areas such as social clubs and groups where there is demand for wireless communications.”

Double V comes with a 4.3 inch, HD-level, high-resolution display and a wide, and viewer-friendly user interface. On top of that, as Double V is equipped with a built-in 8 million pixel camera with LED flash and a digital zoom function, Double V can be put to various practical uses.

Launching Double V, KTpowertel also disclosed “Double V Apps,” applications solely developed for Double V. Double V Apps include a wide range of Double V-only applications – for instance the PPS app which offers GPS navigation services and the Power Truck App that allows the sharing of information on freight cars and location-based searches for freight. Double V will be available at 200 KTpowertel stores nationwide and regional headquarters beginning on July 9.

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