Viewtron Provides High Quality Lighting Solutions
Viewtron Provides High Quality Lighting Solutions
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Proper lighting is something that many people take for granted, but is an essential component of our quality of life. Whether you’re working late at the office, walking down a street at night, or finishing a book in the dark, the importance of lighting cannot be emphasized enough. As the world progresses further into the twenty first century, many institutions are moving away from conventional lighting and towards LED based systems. Founded in 2002, Viewtron Co. Ltd., has been providing state of the art and efficient lighting technology for a variety of applications worldwide.

Tunnel LED Road Markers

LED Road Marker System

As the number of cars found on the roads has gradually increased, so too has the propensity for traffic accidents. Technology in the automobile industry is constantly evolving, so why shouldn’t technology designed to avoid traffic accidents also evolve Viewtron caught on to this niche market and has developed a variety of Tunnel LED Road Markers. The VTL-1000 is designed to reduce and prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents. This is done by providing LED safety guidance lights at the entrance and exit to tunnels, allowing for safer driving. The lighting is the standardized 50cd LED brightness, and it comes in a flame resistant and waterproof case, thus allowing it to work in a variety of extreme conditions.

 LED Solar Road Stud

Oftentimes accidents could easily be avoided if road medians and lanes were easier to differentiate. Viewtron manufactures the LED Solar Road Stud in a variety of models, including the VTL-100S that is powered by solar energy rather than conventional electrical wiring, thus giving it a semi-permanent life. The product is 20-25mm high that makes it ideal for a variety of placements on roads. The LED Solar Road Stud adds an entirely new dimension to road safety during unfavorable weather conditions and at night.

Portable LED Lighting

The World’s Best LED Solution

Viewtron has stated that the company’s ultimate goal is to become the world’s best LED solution. The quality of their products has been emphasized by achieving ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certifications. They currently produce lighting solutions not only within the domestic market, but also within the global market, including Australia, China, and Russia. For more information please visit

VIEWTRON has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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