DAE KYOUNG developes the smallest and lightest Urine Analyzer
DAE KYOUNG developes the smallest and lightest Urine Analyzer
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Portable urine analyzer, KMD-8888
WONJU, KOREA — A ‘Urine Test’ is the essential course as undergoing a medical checkup because it is very important method of checking our physical health including obesity and diabetes. However, contemporary people are too busy to have a time for going to hospital.

A healthcare device-specialized R&D company, DAE KYOUNG IND. CO.,LTD or DAE KYOUNG announced that “we developed the world’s smallest and lightest portable urine analyzer KMD-8888 that allows you to easily diagnose diseases at home”.

Meanwhile, urine analyzer has been troubled to carry on due to its heaviness and bulkiness. A portable KMD-8888, which has the smallest size (13.5x6.5x2.5cm) and the 107g- lightest volume, allows senior citizens and chronic disease-patients to easily analyze the composition of urine at home.

It is so easy to use, and if you apply a urinated tester to a reader, it allows you to exam 18 type diseases such as urolithiasis, bladder, cholelithiasis, pancreatic cancer, prostate disease, hyperpiesia, brain tumor, and hyperthyreosis as well as diabetes, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, and kidney diseases after 5 to10 seconds. Along with this, it features to store test-results and allows you to have a systematic health management.

CEO, Kyu-dae Lee delivered his remarks, “I hope that KMD-8888 help many people to keep their healthy life by preventing a serious disease in the early stage and DAE KYOUNG had already made a contract with Chinese buyer for USD 8 million exports”.

As a matter of fact, DAE KYOUNG was established in 1996 and pioneered the domestic traditional market of the massaging chair with the brand “Medical Dream” and continued to develop healthcare goods exporting them to 10 countries of the world including America and Brazil.

Moreover, they developed ‘Chairbot’, which is a user-biometric identification intelligent robot messaging chair allowing DAE KYOUNG to open a new era of Healthcare Robot. For more information please visit www.massagechair.co.kr and call at +82-2-6000-7703

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