Precision Parts with Creative and Sound Technology : KUMKANG PRECISION
Precision Parts with Creative and Sound Technology : KUMKANG PRECISION
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The importance of precision components weighs in for today’s industrial fields as technology is moving on the fast lane. Among countless industrial machines, some of them are using air and controlling its flow by either opening or closing air lines inside. For better performance, air couplers come in; they are all built with nuts and bolts in order to prevent air leaks. A simple application example that comes to everyone’s mind is an air tube valve attached to a bicycle tire; people screw a cap or a nut to block the leak. And there is one Korean manufacturer that knows one or two things about making precision parts.

Founded in 1994, KUMKANG PRECISION under the banner of “Creative & Basic Technology“ has never let sweat go dry when it comes to R&D efforts. As a result, the company is gaining recognition in terms of safety, convenience, and productivity. Main items are Korea-type couplers, air blow guns, bit drivers, bit sockets, and other precision tools.


Air Coupler

Those one-touch type couplers have been developed with customers in mind, and they offer convenience.  Bit drivers and sockets are designed to activate its built-in magnetic effect for more productive work. Also their heat resistance is excellent. Even under high pressure, either pulling out or inserting them is easy. And anti-shock system helps them last long when applied to any vibrating tool.

Air Gun

KUMKANG PRECISION’s air gun may appear conventional, but its accuracy and tight air-leak control, enabled by a specially designed valve, stand out. Its nozzle is stainless, and the light-weight air gun has a strong body.

There are KUMKANG PRECISION’s screw drivers “Meister”; they vary  depending on different uses. Its magnetic socket products show exceptional durability. For more product information, you can visit

KUMKANG PRECISION has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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