Introducing Advanced Nano Products for Future: ANP
Introducing Advanced Nano Products for Future: ANP
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Working on a molecular or atomic level, nanotechnology focuses on the manipulation of matter. In general, the matter could be a material, a device, and some other structures measured one dimension of from 1 to 100 nanometers, which people refer to as “quantum-realm” scale. And many governments around the world regard the nanotechnology as their future technology, and have invested tons of money in its research.

Since 2000, ANP (Advanced Nano Products) has highlighted its peculiar nano solution for customers who are looking for a superior nanotechnology: ANP’s advanced nano particle and colloidal of nano metal oxide products. With the next-generation and top-notch nano technology, the company is specifically focusing on R&D and also is ready to lead the world into the future of environmentally-friendly and human-oriented technology.


ANP Nano Products

Solar Cell Material

For conventional thin film solar cells, ANP has introduced high-quality Indium Tin Oxide targets, Aluminum Zinc Oxide targets, and Gallium Zinc Oxide. These materials are used for the front electrode of the thin film solar cell by applying the sputtering system. And various sizes are available. Its application includes Mono & Multi Crystalline Solar Cell and Dye-Sensitized solar Cell.

Printed Electronic Material

For printed electronic material, ANP comes up with a printing solution: nano silver particles. They become dispersed in polar or non-polar solvent for use. Its ink may show low viscosity for inkjet printing, however its high-viscosity paste is ideal for conventional printing methods like Gravure and Silk Screen.  It is applicable to Solar Panels, PDP Electrodes, PCB Boards, RFID, etc. Used for such many common devices as LCD or Touch panels, LEDs, PDP filters, PC monitors, semiconductor packaging materials, and so on, ANP’s electronic display materials are widely covering numerous IT devices.  You can find more information at

ANP has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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