Spin Hoop and Stay Healthy with Jeminah Health Hoop : KYUNGWON
Spin Hoop and Stay Healthy with Jeminah Health Hoop : KYUNGWON
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As people become more aware of health and life than they did, new relevant markets are born and opportunities follow. One of them is the health product industry that has introduced a number of exercise tools and machines. Its trend is becoming more sophisticated for professional athletes, but rather relatively small and simple enough for home use.

PYUNGHWA INDUSTRIAL started in 1994 to bring health home with hula hoop products and its technology. Hula hoop exercise is popular with those who want to trim down their body fat, especially women loves it; each of them is dreaming of having feminine boy curves that everyone envies. The activity is intense enough to prevent constipation as it requires a lot of circular motion to keep the hula hoop hanging above waist level.

In particular, PYUNGHWA INDUSTRIAL’s Hula Hoop helps people live healthy with good exercise patterns; pressure and massaging exercise, swinging aerobic exercise; strengthening legs and back muscles, reducing abdominal and waist fat; whole body exercise, and etc. Certainly, the firm is putting a few spins on how the hula hoop performs.


Jemimah Health Hoop II

Jemimah Health Hoop II for beginners, intermediates, and the experienced has built-in magnet projections and 72 zigzag air-cushioning projections. Those projections have several benefits; they make you feel refreshed and can produce massage effects, and the magnetics can improve blood circulation by creating a magnetic field around your body.  With the air-cushioning projections, a hula hoop will not easily fall down, and nearly everyone can use it regardless of age and gender.

Dynamic Health Hoop S

Dynamic Health Hoop S comes with all 48 air-cushioning projections and built-in magnets. Meanwhile S Passion Health Hoop has 56 big air-cushioning projections, Anion generation effect, and magnets. You can find more products and Hula Hoop information at http://www.healthhoop.co.kr/eng/main.htm

PYUNGHWA INDUSTRIAL has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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