Filtration Devices for the Future of Industry from Magic Korea
Filtration Devices for the Future of Industry from Magic Korea
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As industry has progressed over time, so too have the filtration processes related to the engines within the shipping industry. The days of enormous and inefficient machinery are a thing of the past as companies are increasingly reliant upon getting the best bang for their buck. Since 1995 Magic Korea Co., Ltd. has been committed to protecting the environment and saving energy by designing filtration devices that are the absolute top of the line.

Macko Filter

MACKO Filter

As traditional fuel systems of diesel engines are comprised of a variety of parts, water contained within contaminated fuel has been shown to lead to numerous issues in the combustion and operation of engines. This obviously can lead to a substantial amount of costs in terms of repair and downtime. In order to avoid these complications, Magic Korea has developed specialized filters that are dual composite filters in order to reduce contamination and fuel consumption as well as increasing the combustion rate. These tasks are conducted by utilizing primary and secondary casings that are designed to heighten water detection and separation.

MAKCO Oil FIlter

Magic Korea also manufactures an oil filter that is designed to make the engine oil filtration system more efficient. This occurs via a two-stage process that includes a strong magnetic device to remove iron and sludge. The second stage is designed to clean the oil and maintain the engine in good condition in order to prevent wearing on the engine itself.

Beginning in 2008, Magic Korea exported to a variety of countries around the world including Morocco, Myanmar, and Vietnam. The company is certain that future products will be devoted to even greener methods of energy efficiency in order to meet the growing demands of their customer base. For more information please visit

MAGIC KOREA has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2010

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