The Ultramodern Digital Home Starts with Seokjin Engineering
The Ultramodern Digital Home Starts with Seokjin Engineering
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As the modern era moves forward, most individual are striving to keep up. While doing so, however, the average citizen is concerned with the environment. It is often a source of personal anguish when one analyzes these two things and attempts to find a balance. How can it be done Since the formation of the company in 1986, Seokjin Engineering Co., Ltd. has been promoting research and development in electronics and environmental engineering. These efforts have combined to offer the best quality electronic valve products in order to promote an ultramodern digital home. With more than twenty-five years in the business, Seokjin has the backing and reputation for quality that every customer seeks.


Air Water Purifier & Water Valve

Seokjin Engineering has worked tirelessly and vigorously in order to develop and promote their quality products. Water valves are small components that are used in water purifiers, and Seokjin Engineering offers an array of valves including feed valve, N.O.S. valve, and steam valve amongst others. In order to meet the demands of water purification, Seokjin has designed a UV sterilizer that offers excellent pressure, a long lifecycle, and the highest level of sterilizing power. As well as these excellent choices, Seokjin also offers products for sensors, filters, electrolyers, dampers, pumps, and home appliances.



With subsidiary organizations in China, Seokjin has harnessed the power of quality products that are established in the Korean market in order to gain a foothold in the Chinese market, where the results have been highly desirable. Seokjin is always putting their foot on the accelerator with their eye on the future. CEO Kang Hee Yong says that Seokjin Engineering “Commits itself to becoming a company that pursues ultimate values and happiness, based on the mindset that we will always start anew, not becoming complacent with our current status.” Trust in Seokjin Engineering and the company promises to reward this trust with unparalleled top-class products. For more information please visit

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