Igniting Korea-India IT Ties
Igniting Korea-India IT Ties
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MIC Minister Interview / Korea-India ICT Indian president's state visit to propel IT cooperation on all levels On the occasion of the Indian President Abdul Kalam's visit to Seoul early February, South Korea and India are expected to promote bilateral cooperation in many sectors, especially in the IT sector, according to Korea's Minister of Information and Communication, Chin Dae-je.
Abdul Kalam is scheduled to visit for talks with President Roh Moohyun on ways to increase cooperation between the two countries. The two leaders will hold a summit on Feb. 7 on such international issues as regional security in Southwest Asia and on the Korean Peninsula. Bilateral issues, including cooperation in the science and IT sectors, will also be discussed, he said. After the summit, the leaders are set to announce the launch of negotiations for a South Korea-India Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), which both sides hope will provide the framework for mid- and longterm economic cooperation. Under a proposed memorandum of understanding, the two nations will set up a joint taskforce with the aim of concluding the pact within two years. "We hope the Indian president's visit will further bolster the two countries' cooperative ties,'' he said in an interview with Korea IT Times. He also said, "We also expect the two sides can expand cooperation in the science and IT sectors on the occasion of the visit by the scientistturned- president.'' The following are excerpts from an interview with Minister Chin on the occasion of the Indian President Abdul Kalam's visit to Seoul:
Q: Would you comment on the IT cooperation between Korea and India On which sectors do you place the most emphasis in bilateral cooperation A: India has high potential in the IT sector and possesses competitive manpower in the software sector. For close cooperation in the IT sector, Korea and India concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in September 2001. A total of 16 Korean IT companies participated in the IT exhibitions held in India in 2001 and 2004. Korea also dispatched a market exploration team comprising 25 IT companies to India in 2003 and 2004. South Korea has high technology in the hardware sector, including semiconductor, PC and LCD, whereas India possesses superior technology in the software sector. Accordingly, if the two countries combine their advanced technologies, it will become a win-win model. Related to this, the two countries discussed ways for Korea to use India's excellent software manpower at the Korea-India IT ministerial meeting in 2004. Q: As for the IT cooperation between the two countries, is there any concrete schedule this year A: The MIC plans to hold the World ICT Summit, a gathering of IT ministers from all over the world, in Seoul in May this year. We plan to invite the Indian minister of communication, information and technology to the meeting and seek close cooperation in the IT sector. Along with this, we will organize a working-level IT cooperation committee to seek cooperative ways among industrial, academic and research circles of the two countries. Q: Is there any chance for the Indian president to experience Korea's IT technology while staying here A: Indian President Abdul Kalam is scheduled to visit the MIC, while looking around the "u-Dream Exhibition Hall" showing advanced IT technologies and services at the ministry in Seoul. At the hall, the Indian president will experience DMB, RFID, home network, telematics, and intellectual robots and other ubiquitous life. Besides, he will visit Daedeok Science Town, Samsung Electronics, Yonse University and other places armed with state-of-the-art IT technologies. Q: The Indian president reportedly has extensive knowledge in the science and IT sectors. Would you have any comments on this A: As far as I know, Indian President Abdul Kalam is a symbol of the Indian science technology that succeeded in blasting off a satellite and missile for the first time in India and making India a powerhouse in science and technology. I hope Korea and India will join forces to create a state-of-the-art digital world on the occasion of the Indian president's visit to Korea.

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