Paving the global path in metal formation – Il Kwang Metal Forming
Paving the global path in metal formation – Il Kwang Metal Forming
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Companies at the forefront of the technology industry have to not only embrace the ability to adapt but also employ various strategies in order to achieve this. Since its inception in 1988, Il Kwang Metal Forming Co., Ltd. has been pushing the boundaries of technological innovation in the metal forming industry to become leaders in the field by striving to constantly improve in order to provide their customers with the best possible products on the market. Il Kwang has been recognized domestically, and in 2007 they were awarded the ‘Best Middle Size Company’. This recognition has led to expansive growth overseas, where Il Kwang now does business with companies in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.


EPS Sandwich Panel Making Line

EPS Sandwich Panel Making Line

The Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Sandwich Panel Making Line is designed for producing specific roof and wall sandwich panels used in cold storage, warehouse, and plant buildings, amongst others. The panels are designed in order to maximize insulation and the adiabatic effect. The line has been specified to produce at a speed of 5-12m/minute. The EPS Sandwich Panel Making Line is also very diverse, allowing for generation of a variety of EPS panels simply by increasing the roll forming machines as necessary.


Roll Forming Machine for Siding, Steel Former

Roll Forming Machine for Siding, Steel Former

When diversity is required, the Roll Forming Machine is there to meet the challenges. The machine is designed to be able to produce up to six different panels, which feature enhanced durability and anti-corrosion capabilities via automatic width and length adjustment systems. The coil thickness ranges from 0.7-1.0mm as it is used on the exterior. The material is highly innovative, providing anti-noise technology from wind, and no change in quality despite divergent temperature variation following exposure. This combines to create a siding panel which is easy to construct and utilize for customers.


Ill Forming Machine for Automobiles

The Ill Forming Machine is specially designed to produce “GV side members”, which are components of the main or subsidiary frame of commercial trucking vehicles. The machinery is able to adjust the vertical roller gap in automatic mode, while forming coils with up to 9mm precision. Safeguards have been implemented for the operator, as well as people in the surroundings, and the environment. The technology has a proven track record and has been licensed to Hyundai, one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers domestically.


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IL KWANG METAL FORMING has been selected as the KOTRA Seal of Excellence since 2009

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