Solongus - Sharp Contest -
Solongus - Sharp Contest -
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“Land of rainbow”

In the Far East, to the left across Japan, there is a bridge-like peninsular, abutting main Asian continent, China and Russia. The peninsular is called Korea. But, the Mongolians call it ―Solongus‖ in their language.

It means the 'land of rainbow.‘ To their eyes, Korea is far away from their land. When they go to the East early in the morning the rising Sun shines brightly over their horseback under the blue sky. Then, a most brilliant rainbow bridge would be hung over the horizon. Whenever they beheld the rainbow their hearts leap up. So they would enjoy tracing after it as if it had been a Blue Bird. But, the Bird couldn‘t have been caught in their hands.

Yet they would miss the Blue Bird and envy its land clouded by the Rainbow. Whenever they saw the rainbow they would imagine that:
"Like the Blue Bird, the rainbow houses and breathes in the Far East of the world. And the land of rainbow will be located in the Korean peninsular."

Hence-forward, they began to call the peninsular Solongus. In fact, it is simply a mysterious natural syndrome of the watercolor in the air. When the sunlight meets the floating moisture, the watercolor is made in the air in the form of the colorful spectrum. But the Mongolians have insisted that:
"The peninsular yonder must be a land of rainbow projecting from the twinkling stardust in the sky. So, the great Sun shines on the land so brilliantly with the rainbow."

Then they have stubbornly called the peninsular Solongus (or Land of Rainbow). So, the name of Solongus came to spread out over the world. By the rumors the world powers also came to hear of the saying that:
"According to the Mongolian people, there must be a Land of Rainbow. The land is situated in the Far East where the Sun rises earlier than any other land in the world. So, lots of birds may sing a song euphorically early in the morning. Also, the very rainbow lives there with so many colorful birds including the Blue Bird. Right, there live red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and other beautiful birds such as peacock. And the wondrous birds must be sitting at the branches and buds of the trees and chirping gleefully as if they were talking about what kind of fruits for dinner. To the eyes of humans, therefore, the mysterious birds make the land charming and colorful. If so, the imaginary land must be a small peninsular named Korea. It is situated to the corner of the Asian continent as. It is not far away from China and Russia."

After that, Korea came to get another name of Solongus or the land of rainbow as her nickname. Year by year after hearing of the rumor, the world powers came to be interested in Korea and imagined:

"Hum, Korea must have lots of colorful and glaring treasures and jewelries such as blue emerald or red or crimson diamond or other shining jewelry. Thus, it must be true that Korea is storing the priceless treasures like the bright and brilliant rainbow in the sky. So, people call Korea Solongus that is the Land of colorful Rainbow. If so, it must be natural that the land is called as such. If possible I want to be there to see the shiny and invaluable treasures. Possibly if I get it in my hands I‘ll be happy and it will be profitable for me. Right, the land must be the one to take."

“Sharp contest"


From the day on, the world powers have begun to locate the Land of Rainbow from the World Atlas. Allegedly, they are all-around star players in power and popularity as bulimic leviathans of the world. Also, they are worldly-wide superhawks with their monstrous chariots.

For instance, they are trigger-happy American gunfighters such as GM, Ford and eagle-shaped Chrysler from the North American wilderness. From the European theater Germans have come in the name of the people‘s car (VW) and his merry man AUDI, maverick BMW and Benz. The French knights Renault and PSA have, also, come. The most aggressive Japanese samurai TOYOTA with his major chariots, Lexus, Camry and Prius has arrived. Another Nipponese swordsman NISSAN with his luxurious carriage INFINITI and Honda followed to share in. All of them are superhawks, wolf pack, or wolfish leviathans. They are greedy and full of bestiality.

Soon, they will look for treasures as if the peninsular is a land of treasure. In fact, from long ago the global leviathans have planed to devour it as a tasteful decoy and partake in it. Long ago Thomas Hobbes, British political philosopher, said that:
"The state of nature is a war of all against all."

He was right.
His prophetic passage came true.
The target has been timely set for their appetites already as if it were HVT (High Value Target). Deadly mutual competition and string-pulling are underway among worldly-wide superhawks. So, the blue satellite has changed into a bloody stage, acute and devastating with the new millennium come.

Indeed, the situation has become a sharp contest with the superpowers. They have already waged the war of all against all. Directly or indirectly, transnational competitors have made the world weather fluctuate deeply and unpredictably over time. (變化無雙)

Thus, the color of the carnival world has become tarnished and complicated drastically and unexpectedly. Traditionally, the theory of Nature had prevailed:
"Each organism in a community has a habitat as its tenure for life."

But, now it has outdated. It is time-worn.
Externalities or surrounding circumstances are not controllable. They are unpredictable and fluctuating. Thus, there is no room for each organism to have a habitat for his life; no exception for the specific species.

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