The Introduction of Climate Change Policy Is a Boon for the Town Gas Industry
The Introduction of Climate Change Policy Is a Boon for the Town Gas Industry
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SEOUL, KOREA – Some analyses find that climate change policies such as carbon emissions trading can actually benefit the town gas industry.

On February 15, Korea City Gas Association will hold a presentation meeting at Renaissance Seoul Hotel to release the results of its research on the impact of climate change policies on the town gas industry.

Presentations are expected to revolve around the benefits of greenhouse gas reductions and other climate change policies for the town gas industry.

Compared to other fuels, the amount of CO₂ emissions from natural gas are lower and natural gas’s cleanliness and high energy efficiency will actually lead to growth in usage under climate change policies.

As industries are anticipated to speed up the transition to low-carbon fuels and the reinforcement of climate change policies is estimated to spur on the use of natural gas, the town gas industry stands to grow further.

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