Converting solar energy to electricity; it may look just as photosynthesis: Dasstech Co., Ltd
Converting solar energy to electricity; it may look just as photosynthesis: Dasstech Co., Ltd
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Renewable energy is theenergy that comes from other resourceswhich are continually replenished, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. About 16% of global final energy consumption comes from such renewable energy, and solar energy has become one of the main contributors in those types of energy.

Dasstech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Dasstech”) specializes in converting solar energy, or called photovoltaic inverter, into electricity with high efficient conversion rate.

Dasstech was founded in 2006, and during considerably a short period of time, the company has increased its share in Korean market as one of the most reliable and efficient photovoltaic inverters manufacturers. Its desire to make the world greener and cleaner with the solar energy has been recognized around the industry. The company was accredited by KOITA according to 16 of Technology-Promotion Law, and it officially established as an expert company in the field of renewable energy since its establishment. Dasstech has technical expertise in the field of photovoltaic PCS and is trying to develop other various electric converting devices for renewable energy.

Dasstech’s most recognized product is “SOLEAF,” of which the name is combination of solar and leaf. SOLEAF was developed over 2 years of collaboration work with universities and other institutes, and it was successfully introduced as the highest efficient inverter of 97% solar conversion rate, measured by Korea Institute of Energy Research. One of its famous SOLEAF series is grid type inverter, which can be used with a connection to grid or power lines. This grid type inverter supplies the loading appliances with electric power produced by photovoltaic systems and saves any surplus electricity with no power waste. It also offers fuel cell inverter, a device that converts DC power generated from fuel cell to AC power, with conversion efficiency of 93%.


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DASSTECH Co., Ltd. has been selected as the KOTRA Global Brand since 2012.

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