Hyundai Unveils Green Cars at Seoul Motor Show 2013
Hyundai Unveils Green Cars at Seoul Motor Show 2013
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SEOUL, KOREA  - Hyundai has created a concept of Blue Drive that guides Hyundai in its effort to become the automotive leader in sustainability. Such philosophy has helped focus its engineers and designers on creating lighter vehicles, developing more efficient power trains and even inventing proprietary hybrid technologies. In the future, Blue Drive will expand to include plug-in hybrid vehicles, zero-emission electric vehicles and fuel-cell vehicles that run entirely on hydrogen.

Hyundai’s Eco-Technology Research Institute is at the forefront of the industry's environmental movement. Its scientists are developing innovative new technologies that will revolutionize every part of the process that will create new ways to lower air pollution from exhaust emissions, invent more efficient electric-motor systems and even improve the sustainability of the raw-material sourcing, manufacturing and recycling methods.

Sonata Hybrid

The engineers of Hyundai have invented the industry's most advanced hybrid vehicle. Unlike other hybrids on the market, Sonata Hybrid uses a patented Lithium Polymer battery with 40% less volume, 25% lighter weight and 10% more efficiency. The battery also has a longer life-span with a lifetime warranty guarantee. Its simple electric vehicle system allows drivers to enjoy fuel efficiency and great power performance.

Sonata Hybrid

Tucson IX Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)

The Tucson IX FCEV is truly the future of automotive industry, identifying the ways to maximize fuel efficiency without compromising driving experience and power train range.   Hyundai’s third-generation FCEV is equipped with its newest 100-kilowatt fuel cell system and two hydrogen storage cylinders (700bar) to deliver a substantial improvement in fuel efficiency. The Tucson ix FCEV can travel more than 594 km on a single fueling, a 76-percent improvement over its predecessor, and a range equal to a gasoline-powered car. It achieves gasoline equivalent fuel efficiency of more than 27.8 km per liter, a 15-percent improvement over the previous version. It can also start in temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius.

Hyundai is planning to produce about 1,000 new Tucson ix FCEVs from 2013 to 2015.

Tucson ix35 F

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