Digital Contents Awards Recognizes Four Creations
Digital Contents Awards Recognizes Four Creations
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Game & Contents / Digital Content Games make headway in digital awards Aceremony for the Digital Contents Awards for the third quarter of 2006 was held at the Ministry of Information and Communication in Seoul on September 29. Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency, Maeil Business Newspaper, SK Telecom, KT Freetel, EBS and Korea Data Base Promotion Center jointly managed the event, organized by the ministry. Grand Prizes of the Digital Contents Awards went to four pieces of digital content "Yubi becomes a master of planning" of Zion 21 in the educational content field, "R2 (Reign of Revolution)" of NHN Games in the online game field, "Super Action Hero" of Com2us in the mobile contents field, and "DC Inside/Notebook Inside" of Digital Inside in the Web information content field. There was no winner of grand prize in the next-generation content field. However, the "U1 Music Chart" of U1 Media was selected as the winner of KIPA Prize for the third quarter in the field. There was no prizewinner in the digital video sector. The ministry has selected the winners based on superiority of the content, overseas competitiveness, level of technology and business performance ability. Prizewinners at the Digital Contents Awards will enjoy such favors as the government's assistance for overseas exports, marketing assistance, a priority in participation of various projects propelled by Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency, assistance for overseas education in 2006 and qualifications to receive year-end grand prizes. The following are the main prizewinning digital content.
Yubi becomes a master of planning by Zion 21 in the educational content field It is flash-based online content. It has a story that Yubi of Samgukji (history of three ancient Chinese countries) hands down the essence of planning from Waryong. It is an edutainment style educational program that readers can attain both fun and learning effects. It is now being offered to the nation's e-learning service institutions, including Samsung SDS (Samsung Multi Campus), Campus 21, Hunet and It is a popular content that was selected as a popular course by Campus 21. It is now propelling for advancing into the Chinese and Japanese educational markets.
R2 (Reign of Revolution) of NHN Games in the online game field This is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) of full 3D graphics. R2 refers to the game depicting fierce battles among many knight groups to unify a country in the Middle Ages. Since the beginning of open beta service on August 3, the number of subscription to the game reached 810,000 and the number of simultaneous connectors came to 60,000, showing its high popularity. It ranked 4th in the MMORPG sector. In particular, R2 implemented evolved graphic presentation successfully through its own 3D engine. It also played a key role in expanding the contents confined to some gamers in the past to various gamers by effectively assisting a game system. It is expected to advance into overseas markets, encouraged by its know-how.
Super Action Hero of Com2us in the mobile content field It is a cheerful mobile action game. Comic characters show various and splendid actions, carrying out 11 sorts of missions with special characteristics. It used frames two times more than the existing games to show real action scenes. Anybody can make an easy access to the game because of its simple operation method and simple game rules. Since its market debut three months ago, it has been included in the upper group among the most popular games of the nation's top three mobile communication carriers. It is scheduled to be supplied to users in the United States through Cingular, the biggest mobile communication carrier in the U.S. and Helio, a U.S. mobile service provider. A negotiation to advance into Europe through Vodafone also gets underway.
DC Inside/Notebook Inside of Digital Inside in the Web information content field This offers content about reviews and lectures of IT equipment, including digital camera and notebook, and Internet broadcasting. As a leader in the domestic Internet culture, it leads the creation of various Internet Web trend and consensus.
U1 Music Chart of U1 Media in the next-generation contents field It is a pure music chart program based on materials with confidence. Widely different from the existing programs focused on the sales of discs and popularity votes, it introduces a variety of song charts, including the music video chart, MP3 chart, streaming chart, OST chart and bell voice and color ring charts. By introducing content, photos and relations sent by viewers through its middle corner, Music in Story, it makes the best use of the characteristics and charm of the two-way media DMB. In particular, it offers information on the current flow of Korean songs and the trend of hallyu (Korean cultural wave) stars and pop songs very well. So, it is now engaging in negotiations with Japanese and Chinese broadcasters for the sale of the program. It also boasts of its advanced technology in the DMB data broadcasting that enables sales of discs, downloading bell sounds and popularity votes through interworking data.

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