Seeking Global Harmonization With Nuclear Medicine
Seeking Global Harmonization With Nuclear Medicine
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Major topics of this event will be Molecular Imaging and Radionucllide The followings are excerpts from an interview with Lee Myung-chul, Professor at Department of Nuclear Medicine, Seoul National University College of Medicine and President of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine & Biology. -ED. Q: What is the most important part that you place emphasis ahead of the 9th Congress of the WFNMB (Word Federation of Nuclear Medicine & Biology) A: At the WFNMB Congress, global specialists will make presentations on important issues and engage in discussions about strategy for nuclear medicine development of each country. We plan to operate a global network group and activate sharing of the Federation-related information. Since taking office as the President of the WFNMB, I have made strenuous efforts to cement relations among WFNMB members and harmonious development of nuclear medicine among them. The main theme of the international event this time is "Global Harmonization." In fact, low or middle developing countries are facing difficulties in developing such IT technologies, including nuclear medicine. In particular, nuclear medicine is an ITrelated field, so it is difficult to engage in the sector without enough money. Accordingly, I concentrated my efforts on helping low and middle developing countries that have strong will to develop nuclear medicine but have no proper environment. I'd like to spread nuclear medicine technology to underdeveloped or developing countries. Related to this, I made such programs to provide scientists from underdeveloped countries with free or discount registration fee for participation in the WFNMB Congress and lodging facilities. At the same time, I tried to offer data base and nuclear medicine technology to them. Q: What is the meaning of the WFNMB Congress to South Korea and President Lee Myung-chul A: Major topics of this event will be Molecular Imaging and Radionucllide Therapy. This event will become the place exchanging new technology and information related to nuclear medicine. To attract more participants from low and middle developing countries to the WFNMB conference, the Federation offered various discount favors to them to the maximum. Since taking office as the President of the Federation, I have tried to remove the bipolarization phenomenon prevailing in the world's nuclear medicine circle. To do so, the spirit of harmonization should be emphasized. I think the WFNMB Congress will be a good chance to promote the status of Korea as a nuclear medicine superpower. Q: Would you comment on manpower of Korea's nuclear medicine and the nation's status in the world A: Korea boasts of its strong power in the world's nuclear medicine industry. In fact, I am a senior in the nuclear medicine field in Korea. There are many specialists in their 30s or 40s. In 1984, the 3rd Asia and Oceania Congress of Nuclear Medicine was held in Korea. In 1994, Korea introduced a PET center for the first time. Since then, Korea has achieved a remarkable growth in this sector. The WFNMB Congress is planning not only presentations of scientific papers but also special performance in order to share Korea's traditional culture with foreigners. More than 150 people already applied for an event to show off "taekwondo" examples to foreigners during the international event period. Through this event, I think, Korean companies can commercialize nuclear medicine-related products and activate exports of such products. By helping developing countries through technological supports, Korea also can enhance its status in the international society in the nuclear medicine sector. Q: Would you introduce the world's interest in this international event A: About 3,000 domestic and foreign scholars, specialists and guests are expected to participate in the WFNMB Congress this time. As President, the biggest ever in Korea, I reorganized the Federation for successful hosting of the international event and strengthening the Federation's role. About 2,700 guests have already registered and a specialist from Henry N. Wagner, Jr. Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions will deliver a keynote speech. Representatives of the world's major five Regional Associations of Nuclear Medicine in Asia and Oceania, Europe, USA, Latin America, and Africa will attend the WFNMB Congress this time. Q: Do you have any suggestions for enhancing status of Korea as a nuclear medicine superpower A: The Korean government, particularly MOST(Ministry of Science and Technology), is now pushing for a policy to jack up the portion of radiation technology (RT) from the present 5 percent of the total energy to 30 percent, the similar level to that of the U.S. Now, Korea ranks 6th in the world in terms of proportion of electricity generation depending on Nuclear Power Plant. As nuclear medicine has many benefits, it could be regarded as an undiscovered blue ocean. I think the government extends active supports to the cyclotron PET sector. I have always stressed 3C (communication, cooperation and coordination) and 2I (interaction and integration) for international leaders. I hope the WFNMB will be activated based on the five keywords in the future. I think it is impossible to develop nuclear medicine without active cooperation between academic and industrial sectors. At the same time, I'd like to actively push for global harmonization and introduce Korea's excellent nuclear medicine technology and passion to the world through this international event.

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