Taking Next-generation Games to International Audience
Taking Next-generation Games to International Audience
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Webzen Continuous public favor in overseas market Popular multiplayer games such as Huxley, Kingdom of Warriors, and Soul of the Ultimate Nation will be shown at this year's GStar 2006 starting November 9 at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX), Goyang, Korea. Webzen (www.webzen.com), the publisher of these games, is likely to show off its global strategy which it will use to take off as an international publisher. Webzen's Huxley is rumored to be a game which takes the MMOFPS genre to the next generation. Through its demonstration at GStar 2006, attendees will be able to experience the nextgeneration FPS Huxley firsthand. It is being developed using the Unreal Engine 3, according to CEO/president Kim Namju of Webzen. Kingdom of Warriors was introduced first in the Chinese and Taiwanese markets. The game gained explosive interest as a teenage expectation game through game show China Joy held in Shanghai, China on July this year. Webzen plans to allow the audience to play Kingdom of Warriors with 6 different characters including a warrior and an assassin. The Korean language version will be open to the public for the first time at this forthcoming GStar. In the case of the company's product Soul of the Ultimate Nation, the game is garnering continuous public favor in the overseas market. Conspicuous globalization Webzen is becoming well known for its globalization. In conjunction with this, CEO Kim says: "Webzen's MU online is a so-called global game with which 56 million people are enjoying globally." Webzen invested a total of 10 billion won (US$10.53 million) over three years into Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN). The game is expected to pave the way for a new trend in the domestic MMORPG market, presenting excellent graphics and gameplay system with priority given to battlezones. Following the company's production of MU online, Kingdom of Warriors is also occupying an important position as a strategic game to capture the Chinese market. It has been developed locally and is optimized for Chinese gamers. While the Asian market including China is filled with feverish expectations about SUN, Webzen's Huxley title is being intensively marketed in the North American market, assesses Kim. As a global project which is being produced for the North American and European markets according to Webzen's global strategy, this Huxley is an MMOFPS game that combines the appeal of an online game with that of a deeply-based FPS genre. Global differentiation strategy Concerning Webzen's differentiation strategy in world market, the CEO outlines four global strategies as follows. First off, Webzen is eager to secure overseas strongholds by establishing branch companies. Since establishing the company's local corporation in Taiwan in July 2004, Webzen will continue by opening affiliated companies in China, Taiwan, and the United States. Webzen's second global strategy is to optimize for local markets by means of local development as well as overseas developer scouting, according to Kim. Thirdly, Webzen is a front runner in platform diversification front runner as the company propels its strategy to expand its market to the whole world. It plans to escape from home as well as Asia by expanding into platform markets such as the X-Box 360 and PS3. Webzen encourages global content publishing. The company focuses on overseas blockbuster publishing too with a goal of worldwide service on the foundation of experience of Mu Online.

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