Global Leader in Thermal Solutions
Global Leader in Thermal Solutions
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APACK aims at becoming the world's top thermal solution provider by expanding its business arena to the consumer and global markets based on its high-level fame and technology accumulated in the OEM market.

APACK is a heat pipe technologybased thermal solution provider which offers customized designing and engineering solutions and provides best-of-breed thermal solutions including PC cooling, telecom systems, heating rollers and solar collectors to its clients.

To achieve its target, it plans to expand its R&D investment in the development of the next-generation cooling technology and commercialization of the already developed cooling technology, a spokesman of APACK said.

In the global marketing sector, it plans to expand its business arena to North America, Europe, India, China, Mexico and Asian countries, the spokesman said.

APACK is suggesting optimum cooling solutions to help major PC manufacturers, including Samsung Electronics and Jooyon Tech, solve heating and noise problems of CPUs from the PC model development stage.

It also recently developed a high-function GPU cooler for cooling VGA chipsets and gained favorable responses from graphics card companies, including ASUSTEK and GIGABYTE.

APACK has been exerting best efforts to provide customers with high quality engineering, function and design. It will offer more customized services to customers for value creation, the spokesman said.

SOLAPACK is a tube-type solar heat collector jointly developed by APACK and Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy's R&D project for commercialization of tube-type solar heat system and its application technology.

Since Korean technicians developed it, APACK possesses basic technology related to all production processes from development and mass production. Meanwhile, major R&D partners of APACK are Intel, the Electronics and Telecommunications Rsearch Institute (ETRI), the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM), Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) and the Korea Energy Management Corp. (KEMCO).

APACK now shares information about the technology roadmap of PC CPUs with Intel, which invested US$3 million in April this year, while jointly developing PC cooling equipment.

It has also maintained a close cooperation system with ETRI and KIMM related to development of cooling and heating technology of information communication equipment.

In the new and regenerating energy business field, APACK has been jointly developing new cooling and heating systems with KEMCO and KIER.

APACK's design and manufacturing is based on an engineer's passion for innovation and progress. Three engineers from ETRI who have experience in thermal solutions and advance packaging technology established APACK in 1999.

Based in Daejeon, Korea's Silicon Valley and high-tech capital, APACK is staffed with top engineers who have extensive experience. APACK is now entering into its second phase of business development after accomplishing its first goals of developing a strong R&D core in thermal technology and efficient manufacturing capabilities.

The phase one was marked by strong revenues and growth in the OEM and custom solutions market producing for such clients as Samsung, Dell and LG. Backed by investors such as Intel Capital, a strong backbone of R&D, and continued cooperation with ETRI, APACK is seeking to become a global player in the thermal solutions market.

In the meantime, APACK has succeeded in developing and producing ZEROtherm, the company spokesman said.

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